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Seminar: Nonlinear Dynamics of Complex Neural Systems - Winter Term 2017/2018


LV-Nr. 3233 L 606

Prof. Dr. Eckehard Schöll, PhD
Dr. Anna Zakharova
Dr. Simona Olmi
Dr. Iryna Omelchenko

Time: Tuesday 16:15 (c.t.) 
Room: EW 731
Begin: 17.10.2017

Der Besuch der Veranstaltung entspricht 3 ECTS Punkten. Mit Vortrag und Ausarbeitung ergeben sich 5 ECTS Punkte.

The seminar offers perspectives on our current research in the area of Nonlinear Dynamics and Control. The seminar is particularly suitable for BSc and MSc students looking for a final project. Students, who want to obtain a Seminarschein, are welcome as well.

The study of complex neural networks is currently one of the central issues of applied nonlinear science. Of particular interest is the collective dynamics of neuronal populations. Synchronization of individual neurons is believed to play the crucial role in the emergence of pathological rhythmic brain activity in Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor and in epilepsies. The development of techniques for detection, prediction and suppression of undesired neural synchrony is an important clinical problem. In the focus of the seminar will be recent studies of complex neural systems, collective dynamics of neurons and their synchronization. We will discuss aspects of the analytical and numerical studies of neural networks, and analyse the mechanisms of complex dynamical processes with their applications to studies of neural diseases.

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Vorbesprechung und Einführung
E. Schöll, A. Zakharova, I. Omelchenko, S. Olmi

Neural excitability, spiking and bursting [IZH00]

Remote synchronization: the role of network symmetries and functional modules [NIC13]


Chimera states and collective chaos in pulse-coupled neural networks [OLM10]


Delay, noise and timing-depended plasticity in oscillatory neural networks [POP11,POP13]


Death and rebirth of neural activity in sparse inhibitory networks [ANG17]


Chimera-like states in modular nerual networks [HIZ16]
The structure and dynamics of multilayer networks [BOC14]

Self-organized emergence of multi-layer structure and chimera states in dynamical networks with adaptive couplings [KAS17]
Collective phenomena emerging from the interactions between dynamical processes in multiplex networks [NIC17]


Generalized synchronization between chimera states [AND17]

Synchronization and desynchronization in epilepsy: controversies and hypotheses [JIR13,JIR10,CHA10c]

Analogies between chimera state collapses and epileptic seizures [AND16,ROT14,CHO17]


Partial synchrony in the brain: Unihemispheric sleep

Wer Interesse an einem Vortrag hat, sollte sich mit den entsprechenden Betreuern in Verbindung setzen. Die Vortragsthemen werden dann spätestens in der ersten Seminarstunde am 17.10.2017 verteilt.


Literatur zu den Vorträgen

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