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Postdoctoral researchers

  • Dr. Vitaly Belik [1]: Computational epidemiology
  • Dr. Thomas Isele [2]: Chimera states
  • Dr. Iryna Omelchenko [3]: Nonlinear dynamics of coupled systems
  • Dr. Vesna Vuksanovic [4]: Computational neuroscience

PhD students

  • Mario Konschake [5]: Robustness of In- and Out-Components in a Temporal Graph

Diploma students

  • Bruno Riemenschneider [6] (AG Schöll): Oscillator networks with variable nonlocal coupling
  • Judith Lehnert (AG Schöll): Dynamics of neural networks with delay
  • Martin Heinrich (AG Schöll): Synchronization in networks of nonlinear circuit
  • Sebastian Brandstetter (AG Schöll): Delayed feedback control of excitable systems
    under the influence of colored noise
  • Thomas Dahms (AG Schöll): Stabilization of fixed points in lasers by timedelayed
    feedback (Stabilisierung von Fixpunkten durch zeitverzögerte Rückkopplung
    in Lasern)


Pascal Blunk: Containment strategies on the German cattle trade network.

Inia Steinbach: Analysis of the German cattle trade network.

Niklas Affolter

Bachelor students

  • Philipp Jung (TU Berlin):  Impact of geographic proximity on the vulnerability of livestock- trade networks
  • Patrick Hu (TU Berlin): Mixed percolation as a model for intra-cellular transport
  • Melissa Skarmeta (TU Berlin): Chimera states in time-varying networks
  • Frederik Schirdewahn (TU Berlin): Optimal Surveillance for Outbreak Detection in Livestock-trade Networks
  • Fabian Sternkopf (TU Berlin): Time-discrete and time-continuius models of bursting dynamics
  • Jean Pierre Bassenge [7] (FU Berlin): Simulation of neural activity on functional and structural brain networks
  • Alexander Fengler [8] (AG Schöll): Networks of integrate-and-fire neurons with partial reset
  • Florian Fiebig [9] (TU Berlin): Adaption of temporal networks and risk assessment for epidemics
  • Alexander Heesing (AG Schöll): Integrate-and-fire neurons with partial reset
  • Anne-Kathleen Malchow [10] (BCCN): Robustness of chimera states in nonlocally coupled networks of nonidentical logistic maps
  • David Rosin (AG Schöll): Dynamic scenarios in two delay-coupled excitable systems
  • Rico Buchholz (AG Schöll): Dynamics of two delay-coupled excitable systems using iterated maps

Student assistants

  • Stanislav Ax (G-RISC)
  • Kilian Franke (BCCN Berlin)
  • Philipp Loske (G-RISC)
  • Taravat Saeb-Gilani [11] (BCCN Berlin)
  • Anatoli Umer [12] (G-RISC)
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