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Optimal strategies for disease control on temporal networks

supported by Deutschen Akademischen Austauchdienst (DAAD)

The main objective of the proposed project is to study epidemic spreading on real-
world temporal networks from a methodological and theoretical point of view. We obtain the networks under investigation from empirical data of livestock trade. These underlying structures are known to be a major route for disease spreading and can result in substantial economic losses and reduction of animal welfare. The considered networks have a strong temporal component that needs to be taken into account to preserve causal chains during an outbreak. This feature connects the envisioned project to the highly active research topic of temporal networks.

Our central aim is the design of applicable strategies to control epidemic outbreaks. 
This will be achieved through the analysis of common features across livestock trade networks of different countries and the identification of major vulnerable elements or group of elements to target for specific interventions. The objective is to reduce the vulnerability of the networks to disease invasion and spread.

Duration: January 2016 to December 2018
Project coordinator in France: Dr. Vittoria Colizza
External partner in Switzerland: Dr. Beatriz Vidondo Curras


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