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Reservoir computing with time-multiplexed networks


  • Modeling of coupled laser and oscillator networks
  • Hybdrid systems with delay and coupling
  • Simulation of driven dynamical systems
  • Evaluation with reservoir computing benchmark tasks:

    • Santa Fe chaotic time series prediction
    • NARMA10
    • Memory capacity

Quantum-dot laser

  • Modeling of semiconductor quantum dot lasers
  • Control with optical feedback and injection
  • Two-state lasing
  • Asymptotic analysis of complex laser equations

Integrierte Strukturen


  • Mode-locked lasers

    • timing jitter reduction
    • control with optical feedback

  • Nano-laser
  • Micropillar-laser with optical perturbations


Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers 

Collaborative Research Center CRC910

Collaborative Research Center CRC787

Associate Principal Investigator im RTG 1558 mit dem Teilprojekt


DAAD Projekt "Nonlinear Photonics in Nanostructured Semiconductor Lasers"

  • im Förderprogramm "Projektbezogener Personenaustausch mit Frankreich



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