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Group seminar

This is the seminar of our group. It usually takes place

Thursday, 12:00 s.t. (sharp) in room EW 731 (normal mode only, at present online).

Guests and students are welcome. If you like to participate and get the zoom link, just .

Visitor talks move internal group talks to the future.


  • 16.07. consultations
  • 09.07. Gernot Schaller: "Transport through a chain of trimers"
  • 25.06. Ronja Hotz: "Coarse Graining methods for periodically driven open quantum systems"
  • 18.06. consultations
  • 11.06. Christopher Wächtler: "Dissipative nonequilibrium synchronization of topological edge states via self-oscillation"
  • 04.06. Alexander Möller: "Exact solution of the Fano-Anderson model  with Laplace 
    transforms for general spectral densities"
  • 07.05. Christopher Wächtler: "Thermodynamics of self-oscillation at the example of the electron shuttle"
  • 23.04. kickoff meeting
  • 20.02. Tobias Göde: "Recurrence times in exactly solvable models"
  • 30.01. Tom Winkler: "Entropy production as correlation between system and reservoir" (review)
  • 16.01. Antonis Delakouras: "Quantum state manipulation in trapped ions: Selective Probability Trapping"
  • 09.01. Felix Mende: "Charge transport in the Rice-Mele-Model"


  • 12.12. consultations
  • 05.12. Gernot Schaller: "A combined RC and polaron transform for the LMG model"
  • 28.11. Ronja Hotz: "Coarse graining methods for periodically driven open quantum systems"
  • 21.11. Kimon Hadjikiriakos: "Stochastic thermodynamics of the single-electron transistor"
  • 14.11. Sebastian Restrepo: "Quantum heat engines and reaction coordinate mapping"
  • 07.11. Julian Ablaßmayer: "Fixed time coarse-graining applied to a double quantum dot - quantum
    point contact setup"
  • 31.10. Kenichi Maeda: "Continuously-monitored open quantum systems in the strong-coupling regime"
  • 24.10. Gernot Schaller: "Independent channel approximation in an Aharonov-Bohm interferometer"
  • 17.10. kickoff meeting
  • 20.06. Andrés Gómez: "The Wigner Function Formalism over Finite Dimensional Hilbert spaces"
  • 13.06. Julian Ablaßmayer: "A non-Markovian description of monitored charge transport through a double quantum dot"
  • 06.06. Christopher Wächtler: "Photon transport statistics of the generalized Dicke superradiance phase transition“
  • 23.05. Sebastian Restrepo: "Electron Counting Statistics for Non-Additive Environments"
    by Conor McConnell and Ahsan Nazir
  • 16.05. Sina Böhling: "Efficiency in Floquet driven systems at final power output"
  • 09.05. Antonis De la Kouras: ''Selective probability trapping on a thermal trapped ion''
  • 02.05. Javier Cerrillo: "Thermally consistent expansion of correlation functions"
  • 25.04. Gernot Schaller: "A polaron approach to quantum-critical systems"
  • 18.04. Philipp Strasberg (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona): "Classical quantum stochastic processes"
  • 14.02. Christopher Wächtler: "Experimentally accessible proposal of a stochastic rotor engine based on electron shuttling“
  • 07.02. Javier Cerrillo: "Orthogonal polynomials and chain mappings"
  • 31.01. Zoi Kourkouraidou: "Fast entanglement generation using two qubits and a cavity as a coupler"
  • 24.01. Michal Kloc (Charles University Prague): "Finite-time thermodynamics of the quantum Otto cycle"


  • 13.12. Sina Böhling: "Floquet Green's functions for quantum transport in non-interacting tight-binding chains"
  • 29.11. Lydia Seeber: "Andreev-Effekte in Quantenpunkten zwischen Normal- und Supraleitern"
  • 22.11. Julian Ablaßmayer: "A non-Markovian description of monitored charge transport through a double quantum dot"
  • 15.11. Prof. Leonardo Pachon (Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia):"Origin of Spectral-Noise in Chaotic and Regular Quantum Systems"
  • 08.11. Niklas Martensen: „The Second Laws of Quantum Thermodynamics“
  • 01.11. Sebastian Restrepo: "Electron pumping in the strong coupling and non-Markovian regime"
  • 18.10. Michal Kloc (Charles University Prague): "Quantum monodromy in two-dimensional integrable systems"
  • 04.10. Dr. Saurabh Pradhan (Uppsala University, Sweden): "Interplay of Kondo Effect and RKKY Interaction in the  Superconductor"
  • 20.09. Jacob Richardson: "Strong coupling and non-Markovianity"
  • 06.09. Dr. Victor Bastidas (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Japan): "Topological pumping and dualities in fermionic systems: A dual Archimedes screw"
  • 26.07. Prof. Dr. Carlos Viviescas (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota): "Multipartite entanglement evolution in open quantum systems: A quantum trajectory approach"
  • 19.07. Dr. Bijay Agarwalla (IISER-Pune, India):  "Non-equilibrium statistical physics for small quantum systems: Transport, fluctuations and Engineered devices"
  • 12.07. Javier Cerrillo: "Fluctuation theorems "
  • 05.07. (16:15, EW 202, Eugene-Wigner Colloquium) Dr. Rafael Sanchez (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid): "Mesoscopic thermo-electronics"
  • 28.06. Niklas Martensen: „Reverse Reaction Coordinates for Transport“
  • 21.06. Prof. Leonardo Pachon (Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia):"Quantum and Thermal Correlations in Open Quantum Systems"
  • 14.06. Gernot Schaller: "The quantum Otto cycle"
  • 7.06. Wassilij Kopylov: "Neural networks in Quantum Physics"
  • 31.05. Cristopher Wächtler: "Thermodynamics of a nanoscale rotor driven by electron tunneling"
  • 24.05. Niklas Martensen: "Reaction-coordinate treatments of quantum dots."
  • 17.05. Dr. Timo Wagner (Universität Hannover): "Single-electron tunneling controlled stochastic resonance"
  • 03.05. Sebastian Restrepo : "Electron pumping and adiabatic master equation"
  • 26.04. Javier Cerrillo: "Informal discussion of the superconducting proximity effect"
  • 29.01. (10:00) Philipp Strasberg: "Negative entropy production rates and non-Markovianity"
  • 25.01. Lydia Seeber "BCS-Theory - Introduction"
  • 18.01. Sina Böhling "Periodically driven dimer chains, part II"
  • 11.01.  Sina Böhling "Periodically driven dimer chains, part I"


  • 21.12. Christian Flindt (Aalto University): "Lee-Yang zeros in condensed matter physics: theory and experiment"
  • 14.12. Philipp Strasberg (University of Luxembourg): "Quantifying non-Markovianity in the linear response regime"
  • 7.12. Javier Cerrillo: "Double EIT Cooling for Atomic Clocks"
  • 30.11.  (16 Uhr) Ahsan Nazir (University of Manchester):  “Quantum dynamics and thermodynamics at strong reservoir coupling”
  • 23.11. Wassilij Kopylov: "Photon BEC with a dye mediated photon-photon interaction"
  • 16.11. Christopher Wächtler: "Thermodynamics of the single-
    electron shuttle"
  • 9.11. Niklas Martensen: "Electronic transport through a double quantum dot"
  • 02.11: Sebasitan Restrepo: "Driven heat engines"
  • 26.10: Michal Kloc (Charles University in Prague): "Non-equilibrium dynamics after quantum quench in Dicke superradiance models"
  • 19.10: Studentenseminar Einführung
  • 12.10: Holger Lang, "Fast quantum teleportation"
  • 05.10.: Sina Böhling, "Transport and Thermodynamic Properties of the SSH Chain"
  • 21.09.: Igor Dudas, "Bose-Einstein-condensation of interacting photons"
  • 14.09.: Gernot Schaller, "Maxwell demon with weak measurements"
  • 10.08.: Georg Engelhardt: "Maxwell's Demon in the Fano-Anderson Model"
  • 3.08.: Javier Prior, "Long-lasting coherence in biological complexes"
  • 27.07.: Javier Cerrillo, "Dark-state signatures in emission spectra"
  • 20.07.: Philipp Strasberg (University of Luxembourg):   "Stochastic thermodynamics in the strong coupling regime: An unambiguous approach based on coarse-graining"
  • 13.07.: Wassilij Kopylov: "Energy minimization by a non-adiabatic driving"
  • 06.07.: Sebastian Restrepo: "Reaction Coordinate mapping and Laser Cooling"
  • 29.06.: Max Buser: "Initial system-environment correlations and emission spectra"
  • 15.06.: Sven Zimmermann: "Jump base control for the LMG model"
  • 8.06.: Christopher Wächtler: "Dark states, phase transitions and transport"
  • 1.06.: Gernot Schaller: "An electronic Maxwell demon beyond the Markovian limit"
  • 18.05.: Christopher Wächtler: "The electron shuttle: Self-oscillation, bifurcation and thermodynamics"
  • 11.05.: Sina Böhling: "Relations between quantum transport and
  • 4.05.:   JunYan Luo: "ESR-pumped spin current: QME and thermodynamics"
  • 27.04.: Shmuel Gurvitz (Weizmann Institute): "Generalized Landauer formula for time-dependent potentials and zero bias dc current. "
  • 20.04.: Andrew Smith (University of Maryland) : "Refining the Second Law: Accessibility, Constraints, and Triangles"
  • 06.4.:  Javier Cerrillo "Reaction coordinate and driving"
  • 30.3.: Georg Engelhardt: "Topologically-enforced bifurcations in superconducting circuits"
  • 17.3. (14 Uhr): Victor M. Bastidas (University of Singapore): "Torus Knots and topological pumping"
  • 9.3.: Sebastian Restrepo: "Floquet Markov Master Equation"
  • 2.3.: Igor Dudas: "Journal Club: Nonequilibrium Model for Photon Condensation" 
  • 27.2. (14 Uhr):  Rehearse DPG talks
  • 23.2.: Wassilij Kopylov: "Gross-Pitaevskii-Eq. " 
  • 16.2.: Sebastian Restrepo: "Floquet Markov Master Equation"
  • 9.2.: Jared Lolli (Paris): "An alternative Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics"
  • 26.01.: Sven Zimmermann und Sebastian Franke
  • 23.01. (15 Uhr): Christopher Wächtler: "Electron shuttle as model system exhibiting self oscillation"
  • 12.01.: Christopher Wächtler: "Introduction to multi scale perturbaiton theory"


  • 15.12. Georg Engelhardt: "Topological Instabilities in AC-driven bosonic systems"
  • 08.12. (EWC 16:15, EW 202) Dvira Segal (University of Toronto) "Charge and heat transport at the nanoscale: Lessons from elementary models"
  • 01.12. Pedro D. García (Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Campus Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona) "Light-matter interaction in complex dielectric media" 
  • 24.11. Pavel Cejnar (Charles University, Prag): "Excited-state quantum phase transitions"
  • 17.11. Michal Kloc (Charles University, Prag): "Entanglement properties of an extended Dicke model"
  • 08.11. (14:00) Cristiano Ciuti (Paris) :"Quantum critical behaviour in open systems"
  • 03.11. Gloria Platero (Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid): "Long range transfer of interacting electrons in quantum dot arrays"
  • 27.10. Andre C. Barato (MPI-PKS Dresden): " Thermodynamic Uncertainty Relation"
  • 20.10. Sina Böhling: "Quantum Transport and Topology"
  • 14.10. (10:15) Christopher Wächtler: "Jarzynski equality with time-delayed feedback control"
  • 06.10.  Max Buser: "Full counting statistics in the non-Markovian, strong-coupling regime - a hierarchy of equations of motion approach"
  • 22.09. JunYan Luo: "Quantum transport, measurement and feedback: quantum master equation approach" 
  • 15.09. Sebastian Restrepo: "Driven open quantum systems and Floquet stroboscopic dynamics"
  • 14.07. Gamal Mograby: "Scattering Properties of Hanoi-type Fractal Quantum Graphs"
  • 14.07. (10 Uhr, GRK Lounge) Wassilij Kopylov: "Adiabatic dynamics of the excited states"
  • 23.06.  Maximilian Buser
  • 16.06.  Vittorio Peano (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg): "Topological quantum fluctuations and travaling wave amplifiers" 
  • 01.06. (14 Uhr) Mónica Benito (Madrid): "Dissipative long-range entanglement generation between electronic spins"
  • 26.06. Guillem Rossello (University Mallorca): "Role of inelasticity on the symmetry of the Onsager matrix"
  • 19.05. David Gelbwaser (Harvard University)
  • 12.05. Simon Hermann 
  • 28.04. Jonas Lammers (Leibniz Universität Hannover): "Many-body dynamics through interferometric measurements and feedback"
  • 06.04. (14 Uhr):  Lisa Hesse (Regensburg): "Landau quantized graphene in a photon cavity - signatures of superradiance"
  • 31.03. David Jennings (Imperial College, London): "Thermodynamics and quantum information theory"
  • 24.03. Martin Aparicio
  • 03.03. Victor Bastidas (Centre for Quantum Technologies National University of Singapore): "Quantum criticality and the Kibble-Zurek mechanism"
  • 02.03. (14 Uhr): Christopher Wächtler: "Fluctuation theorems, measurement errors and thermodynamic inference"
  • 25.02. Martin Aparicio: "Large bosonic angular momentum representation for the SSH model"
  • 11.02. Maximilian Eisbach: "Schnakenberg Network Theory, Information Flow & Coarse Graining"
  • 03.02. (14 Uhr) Wassilij Kopylov: "Coherent Time-Delayed Feedback with non-local Master Eq."  
  • 28.01. Ville Lahtinen (FU Berlin): "Quantum criticality in 1D cluster models"
  • 21.01. Uta Naether (University of Zaragoza, Spain)
  • 7.01. Alexandr Sorokin: "Interplay of quantum and topological phase transitions" 


  • 14.12. um 14:00, Raum EW744 Dr. Anja Metelmann (Princeton): "Measurement based feed-forward approach to directionality in 1D and 2D bosonic systems"
  • 10.12.  Sina Böhling: "Topological Blockade of Transport in Quantum Dot Arrays"
  • 3.12.  Sebastian Restrepo
  • 12.11. Georg Engelhardt: "Topology of driven Bogoliubov excitations"
  • 10.11. um 12:00, Raum EW 733 Michal Kloc (Charles University in Prague): "Criticality in a single-mode superradiance model"
  • 29.10. Roman Saptsov (Forschungszentrum Jülich): "Exact duality for open-system time-evolution: surprises in the energy relaxation of an interacting quantum dot"
  • 15.10. Dr. Juan Diego Urbina (Universität Regensburg, Germany): "Explaining many-body interference effects by summing paths in Fock space: a semiclassical approach to discrete quantum fields"
  • 29.9. um 13:30, Raum EW744 MSc. Tatsuhiko Shirai (Tokyo University, Japan): "Floquet-Gibbs state in a periodically-driven open system".
  • 29.9. um 11:00, Raum EW731 Prof. Takashi Mori (Tokyo University, Japan): "Rigurous results on the long-time behavior of periodically-driven quantum systems".
  • 10.9. Dr. Martin Aparicio (Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil): "Phase transition in mixed models of Dicke and quantum Ising types"
  • 9. 7. Christopher Wächtler: "Introduction to stochastic thermodynamics of master equations"
  • 25.06. Prof. Brandes
  • 18.06. Georg Engelhardt (AG Brandes): "Transport with ultracold Bose Gases"
  • 11.06. Victor M. Bastidas (AG Brandes): "Journal Club: Recent experiments on Quantum Synchronization"
  • 04.06. Milan Radonjić (Photonics Center, Belgrad): "Microscopic model of photon condensation"
  • 28.05. Dr. Martin Aparicio (Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil): "Thermal phase transitions for Dicke-type models"
  • 21.05. um 16:00, Eugene-Wigner-Colloquium Gernot Schaller (AG Brandes)
  • 07.05. Henning Schomerus (Lancester University):
  • 30.04. Michael Hilke (McGill University, Montréal, Canada): "Non-equilibrium transport in the quantum Hall regime"
  • 23.04 Dr. Gregory Bulnes Cuetara (University of Luxemburg): "Stochastic thermodynamics of rapidly driven quantum systems"
  • 16.04. Maximilian Eisbach (Brandes AG): "Efficiency of cellular information processing"
  • 26. 03. Philipp Strasberg (AG Brandes): "Quantum Thermodynamics beyond BMS"
  • 12.03. Wassilij Kopylov (Brandes AG): "ESQPT Signal in the Dissipative LMG Model in Presence of Pyragas Feedback  ".
  • 05.03. Sebastian Restrepo (Brandes AG).
  • 26.02 Victor Bastidas (Brandes AG)"quantum fluctuations and semiclassical trajectories: Phase space methods"
  • 11.02. um 14:00, Raum EW744 Victor Bastidas (Brandes AG)"quantum fluctuations and semiclassical trajectories: a master equation approach"
  • 05.02. Georg Engelhardt (AG Brandes)
  • 29.01.  Kelly Walker (RMIT University, Australia): "Correlated charge transport in Josephson junction arrays: Why electrons don't like to left behind"


  • 15.12 um 16:15, Raum EW 731 Massimilano Esposito (University of Luxembourg): "Efficiency fluctuations in small machines"
  • 11.12 Philipp Strasberg (AG Brandes): "An Introduction to Turing Machines"
  • 27.11 Max Buser (AG Brandes) : "Non-markovian transport through a two level system"
  • 13.11 Wassilij Kopylov (AG Brandes)
  • 11.11. um 11:00, Raum EW744 Milan Radonjic (Photonics Center, Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia): "Phase space theory of quantum–classical systems with nonlinear and stochastic dynamics"
  • 30.10 Tatsuhiko Shirai (The University of Tokyo): "Periodic driving induced phase transition in a dissipative cavity system".
  • 28.10 um 10:00, Raum EW744 Sebastian Restrepo (Freie Universität Berlin):"Periodically driven open quantum systems".
  • 23.10 Prof. Shmuel Gurvitz (Weizmann Institute, Israel)
  • 16.10 Gabriel Topp (AG Brandes): ""An exact approach: Bosonic vs. fermionic transport"
  • 09.10 Philipp Strasberg (AG Brandes): "Predictive coding and Maxwell’s demon".
  • 25.09 um 13:00, Raum EW731  Victor M. Bastidas(AG Brandes) "Floquet theory and topological features of a two-level system".
  • 18.09 Aleksander Sorokin (AG Brandes): "Quantum Phase Transitions in Networks of Lipkin–Meshkov–Glick models"
  • 11.09 Georg Engelhardt (AG Brandes)
  • 21.08 Emely Wiegand (AG Brandes): "Adiabatic Approximation in the Tavis-Cummings-Model"
  • 07.08. Wassilij Kopylov (AG Brandes): "Nonequilibrium model of photon condensation  with time delayed feedback control".
  • 31.7 Wassilij Kopylov (AG Brandes): Journal Club, "Nonequilibrium model of photon condensation"
  • 24.7 Christian Nietner (AG Brandes): "Non-equilibrium relaxation transport of ultracold atoms"
  • 10.7 Victor M. Bastidas (AG Brandes) "Synchronisation in Quantum Networks revisited"
  • 03.7 Georg Engelhardt (AG Brandes) "Topological Phase Transitions in interacting systems"
  • 23.6 um 14:15, Raum EW744 Manuel Gessner (Albert-Ludwig-Universität Freiburg) "Quantum phase transition and single-spin signatures of quantum correlations in a spin chain"
  • 19.6. Milan Radonjic (PC, Belgrad) "Electromagnetically induced coherent effects in rubidium atoms"
  • 12.6. Javier Cerrillo (AG Brandes): "Laser cooling of quantum systems"
  • 5.6. Philipp Strasberg (AG Brandes): "Physical Implementation of a Tape-Demon and it's Relation to other Approaches"
  • 22.5. Mónica Benito (ICMM, CSIC, Madrid): "Effective Hamiltonians for driven Ising Model"
  • 14.5. Sebastian Krinner (ETH Zürich): "Mesoscopic Physics with Ultracold Atoms"
  • 24.4. Fernando Gallego Marcos (Madrid): "Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Ultra-Cold Atoms"
  • 17.4. Javier Cerrillo (AG Brandes): "Analysis and Simulation of Non-Markovian Systems"
  • 27.3. Victor Bastidas (AG Brandes): Journal Club, "Dynamic Stabilization of spinor Bose-Einstein condensates"
  • 6.3. Philipp Strassberg (AG Brandes): "Quantum Langevin Equations -- Part 2"
  • 20.02. Georg Engelhardt (AG Brandes): Journal Club, "Collective behaviour in systems of ultracold fermions"
  • 13.02. Philipp Strasberg (AG Brandes): "Quantum Langevin Equations -- An Introduction"
  • 30.01. um 13:30   Aleksandr Sorokin (AG Brandes): "Synchronisation in Quantum Networks with Nearest-Neighbour Coupling"
  • 14.01. Georg Engelhardt (AG Brandes): "Kondo signature in heat transfer via a local two-state system", PRL 111, 214301
  • 10.01. Christian Nietner (AG Brandes): "Mesoscopic transport of fermions through an engineered optical lattice connecting two reservoirs", PRA 85, 013623 


  • 19.12.  Dr. Anja Metelmann (Montreal, Canada): "Quantum-limited amplification via reservoir engineering"
  • 28. 11. Mathias Hayn (AG Brandes): "Goldstone Mode
     & Berry Phase in the Tavis--Cummings Model"
  • 14.11. 14:00, Carlos Viviescas: "Entanglement in random states of indistinguishable particles: An Introduction"
  • 07.11. 14:00, Carlos Viviescas: Entanglement and conditional quantum evolution
  • 31.10. 14:00, Fernando Gallego (Madrid) : Transport through distant Quantum Dots
  • 18.9. Philipp Strasberg (AG Brandes):  Time-delayed feedback control of simple quantum systems
  • 16.9. 14:15, EW 731 Prof. Raymond Bishop (Manchester) : Quantum Phase Transitions in Strongly Correlated and Highly Frustrated Spin-Lattice Systems: An Ab Initio Quantum Many-Body Theory Formulation
  • 12.9. Wasilij Kopylov (AG Brandes): Waiting times for the Dicke model
  • 05.9. Gabriel Topp (AG Brandes): Exact solution for superradiant systems
  • 22.8. Victor Bastidas: "Lee-Yang Zeros and the driven Ising model"
  • 13. 8. (Di) 14:00, EW 744 Bachelor day: Kilian Kuhla & Julian Rode
  • 1.8. Dr. Achilleas Lazavides (MPI Dresden): Thermodynamics of periodically driven integrable quantum systems
  • 11.7. Maria Schuld (KwaZulu-Natal): Quantum Neural Networks: Models of Quantum Computing Inspired by the Brain
  • 04.7. Dr. Bojan Zunkovic (Ljubljana): Open AC Phase Transitions
  • 27.6. Prof. Shmuel Gurvitz
  • 20.6. Emely Wiegand (AG Brandes): Berry-Phase im Dicke Model
  • 13.6. Victor Bastidas et al. (AG Brandes): "Experimentally accessible ESQPT"
  • 06.6. Dr. Christina Pöltl: "Waiting time distributions for the transport through a quantum dot tunnel coupled to one normal and one superconducting lead"
  • 30.5. Philipp Strasberg (AG Brandes): Journal Club: Adaptive Machine and its Thermodynamic Costs.
  • 16.5. Prof. Muschik (TU Berlin): Jarzynski equality and irreversibility (arXiv:1303.3756)
  • 8.5. (14h, EW744) Prof. Brandes: Excited state phase transitions in Dicke-type models
  • 2.5. Victor Bastidas (AG Brandes): Journal Club
  • 25.4. Eugene-Wigner-Colloquium, 16:00 G. Luca Celardo (Brescia): Is energy transfer in natural photosynthetic systems a superradiant phenomenon?
  • 18.4. Dr. V. Kashcheyevs (Riga): Universal limits of non-equilibrium statistics for electron trapping in dynamic quantum dots
  • 28.3. Victor Bastidas (AG Brandes): "Quantum signatures of chaos in a kicked top"
  • 22.3. Alvaro Gomez-Leon (Madrid): "Floquet-Bloch theory and topology in ac driven lattices"
  • 7.3. Georg Engelhardt (AG Brandes): "The isotropic Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick Model"
  • 1.3 Christian Nietner (AG Brandes): "Total Current Blockade in an Ultra-Cold Dipolar Quantum Wire"
  • 21.2. Pedro Pérez-Fernández (Sevilla): A study of Quantum Phase Transitions in two-level systems
  • 14.2. Ignacio Wilson-Rae (Munich)
  • 8.2. Malte Vogl (AG Brandes): Defence
  • 7.2. Eugene-Wigner-Colloquium, 16:00 Ralf Schützhold (Duisburg)
  • 31.1. Victor M. Bastidas (AG Brandes): Defence
  • 24.1. Eugene-Wigner-Colloquium, 16:00 Andreas Buchleitner (Freiburg)
  • 17.1. Dr. Philipp Strack (Harvard University): Dissipative quantum glasses from photon-mediated long-range interactions
  • 10.1. Philipp Strasberg (AG Brandes) journal club: Quantum mechanical evolution towards thermal equilibrium
  • 3.1. Thilo Krause (AG Brandes): Coherent electronic transport strongly coupled to vibrations


  • 20.12. Christian Nietner (AG Brandes): Transport with ultracold Fermi gases
  • 29.11. Eugene Wigner-Colloquium, 16:00 Dr. Igor Lesanovsky (Nottingham)
  • 08.11. Christian Nietner (AG Brandes)
  • 01.11. Sam Genway (University of Nottingham): Dynamical phases, full counting statistics and the 's-ensemble'
  • 25.10. Michael Höning (TU Kaiserslautern): Critical exponents of steady-state phase transitions in fermionic lattice models
  • 16.10. Prof. Hideo Aoki (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo): Nonequilibrium phenomenain correlated and topological systems
  • 13.09: Klemens Mosshammer (AG Brandes): Quantum Feedback Control for transport through interacting spin systems
  • 04.09., 10:00 Janet Anders (UCL London): The power of entanglement: computation, Phase transitions and the 2nd law
  • 21.08. Dr. Sigmund Kohler (ICMM Madrid): Landau-Zener tunneling of qbits: dynamics, decoherence, and measurement
  • 26.07. Prof. Andrew Armour (Nottingham University)
  • 19.07. Prof. M. P. Blencowe (Dartmouth College): Quantum Decay of Nanomechanical Systems
  • 10.07. Martin Schuetz (MPQ München, Cirac group): Superradiance-like Electron Transport through a Quantum Dot
  • 28.06. Dr. Frank Hohls (PTB Braunschweig): Semiconductor non-adiabatic quantized charge pumps
  • 27.06. Christina Pöltl (AG Brandes): PhD defense
  • 19.06. Prof. Aranya B Bhattacherjee, University of Delhi (India)
  • 01.06. Victor Bastidas (AG Brandes): "Nonequilibrium Quantum Phase Transitions in the one-dimensional Ising model"
  • 25.05. Thilo Krause (AG Brandes): "Counting and entropy statistics for a single electron transistor coupled to vibrations"
  • 15.05. Malte Vogl (AG Brandes): "Factoring correlations in full counting statistics"
  • 10.05. Christian Nietner (AG Brandes): "Dissipation-induced phase transitions in the Bose-Hubbard Model"
  • 03.05. Gregory Bulnes Cuetara (Université Libre de Bruxelles): "Open quantum system coupled to non equilibrium environment application to the Fluctuation Theorem"
  • 26.04. Prof. Dimitri Averin (Stony Brooks University, NY): "Thermodynamics and quantum mechanics of Coulomb blockade structures"
  • 24.04. Olov Karlström (Lund University): "Increasing thermoelectric performance using coherent transport"
  • 11.04. Klemens Mosshammer (AG Brandes): "Nonlinear dynamics in quantum transport through an interacting spin system"
  • 21.03. Uliana Mordovina, Maximilian Bucher (AG Brandes)
  • 20.03. DPG Probevorträge
  • 23.02. Bachelor Day: Gabriel Topp, Georg Engelhardt, Emely Wiegand
  • 16.02. Victor Bastidas (AG Brandes): "Majorana Fermions III"
  • 16.02. Geraldine Haack (Geneva): "Electron waiting times in mesoscopic conductors"
  • 14.02. Rin Okuyuma (Tokyo): "Polaron Effects in Transport through Double Quantum Dots"
  • 09.02. Philipp Strassberg (AG Brandes): "Majorana Fermions II"
  • 02.02. Benjamin Regler (AG Brandes): "Majorana Fermions I"
  • 26.01. Prof. Christiano Ciuti (Paris): "Quantum fluids of light"
  • 12.01. Christina Pöltl (AG Brandes): "Transport g2-function "


  • 08.12. Prof. Alexander Altland (Uni Köln): "Quantum phase transitions in the cold atom kicked rotor"
  • 06.12. Dr. Sigmund Kohler (ICMM Madrid): "Electron Pumping in Quantum Dots and Graphene"
  • 01.12. Stefan Walter (Uni Würzburg): "Detecting Majorana bound states using Nanomechanics"
  • 24.11. Prof. Janine Splettstoesser (RWTH Aachen): "Time scales in the dynamics of an interacting quantum dot"
  • 23.11. Anja Metelmann (AG Brandes): "Adiabaticity in semiclassical NEMS"
  • 16.11. Dr. Gernot Schaller (AG Brandes): "Dissipative Monitoring of a charge qubits"
  • 20.10. Victor Bastidas (AG Brandes): "The Kicked Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model"
  • 13.10. Rin Okuyuma (Keio University, Tokyo)
  • 11.10. Vicente Leyton Ortega (Uni Hamburg): "Qubit state detection using the Duffing oscillator"
  • 06.10. Michael Hofmann (AG Brandes): "An efficient numerical integrator for sparse time-dependent Hamiltonians"
  • 29.09. Christian Nietner (AG Brandes): "Transport in capacitively coupled double quantum dots"
  • 15.09. Prof. Mikio Eto (Keio University, Tokyo): "Spin Hall effect in a quantum dot with spin-orbit interaction"
  • 08.09. Mathias Hayn (AG Brandes): "Superradiance and dark states in three-level-lambda systems"
  • 25.08. Malte Vogl (AG Brandes): "Ising spin chain in a bosonic bath"
  • 18.08. Thilo Krause (AG Brandes): "Increasing thermoelectric performance using coherent transport"
  • 16.08. Klemens Mosshammer (AG Brandes): "Coupled quantum dots with spin bath"
  • 09.08. Dr. Rafael Sanchez (Madrid): "Optimal energy quanta to current conversion"
  • 14.07. Clemens Hübner (AG Brandes): "Coherent destruction of tunneling"
  • 12.07. Philipp Strassberg (AG Brandes): "Fluctuation Theorem under Feedback"
  • 12.07. Alice Schwarze (AG Brandes): "Herleitung der stochastischen Mastergleichung"
  • 28.06. Moritz Schubotz (AG Brandes): "Random backaction in tunneling of single electrons through nanostructures"
  • 23.06. David Nagy (Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest): "Dicke-model phase transition in the quantum motion of a BEC in an optical cavity"
  • 31.05. Dr. Tomas Novotny (Prag): "Inelastic effects on the electronic current noise in nanojunctions"
  • 19.05. Dr. Maximilian Rinck (Uni Basel): "Feedback stabilization of pure states in quantum transport"
  • 12.05. Dr. Neill Lambert (RIKEN Tokyo): "Quantum and Classical Applications of Nanomechanics"
  • 10.05. Dr. Simone de Liberato (Paris): "Cavity quantum electrodynamics in the ultrastrong coupling regime"
  • 05.05. Christina Pöltl (AG Brandes): "Quantum Transport through degenerate nanostructures: the molecular side"
  • 31.03. Anja Metelmann (AG Brandes)
  • 23.03. Bachelor Day Maximilian Bucher, Thilo Krause, Elli Schlottmann
  • 10.03. Mortiz Schubotz (AG Brandes)
  • 03.03. Philipp Zedler (AG Brandes)
  • 20.02. Olov Karlström (Lund University)

2006 - 2010


18.11.: Ferdinand Brennecke (ETH Zuerich)
11.11.: Victor Bastidas and Benjamin Regler "Time-dependent Dicke model"
28.10.: Dr. Mathias Albert (Geneva)"Accuracy of the Quantum Capacitor as a Single Electron Source"
30.09.: Gernot Schaller and Gerold Kiesslich "Low-dimensional detector model for full counting statistics"
23.09.: Gerold Kiesslich "Monitoring of a charge qubit by continuous projective measurements"
02.09.: Clive Emary "Distinguishing quantum and classical transport through nanostructures"
15.07.: Victor Bastidas
Malte Vogl
kein Seminar (Fruehjahrstagung)
Anja Metelmann and R. Hussein
kein Seminar
Philipp Zedler
Malte Vogl
Tobias Brandes
Klemens Mosshammer
03.02.: Moritz Schubotz
27.1.: 'Bachelor-Tag', jeweils 15 min Vortrag: Alice Schwarze; Wassilij Kopylov; Philipp Strassberg
20.1.: Christina Pöltl, Bewegungsgleichungsmethode + Zählen
13.1.: Victor Bastidas, time-dependent Dicke model
06.1.: nur Kaffee bzw. spontan (wer da ist)

18.11.: Moritz Schubotz
11.11.: Gernot Schaller and Gerold Kiesslich "Counting statistics in Multi-stable systems"
23.09.: Robert Hussein und Anja Metelmann
16.09.: Klemens Mosshammer
26.08.: Anne Beyreuther
22.07.: Prof. John Henry Reina (Cali, Kolumbien)
Victor Manuel Bastidas
08.07.: Dr. Neill Lambert (Tokyo)
01.07.: Arash Azhand "Vision, Observation and Theory - Mathematical Modeling based on Single Molecule Fluorescence Experiments"
Prof. Wolfgang Belzig
17.06.: Debora Contreras
Gernot Schaller
Malte Vogl
27.05.: Fernando Domínguez Tijero
13.05.: Jan Martinek, Kondo effect in the presence of ferromagnetism in quantum dots coupled to ferromagnetic leads
06.05.: Dr. Paul Racec, Scattering problem in cylindrical nanowire heterostructures
25.02.: Gerold Kießlich "Single-electron transport in exchange-coupled spin systems"
18.02.: Martin Kliesch
11.02.: Robert Hussein, Transport theory of a nano-elastomechanical system
04.02.: Daniel Urban (U Duisburg/Essen) "Counting statistics of transport through Aharonov-Bohm interferometers with embedded quantum dots"
21.01.: Dr. David Jennings (Sydney), Transitions in universality for measurement-based quantum computation in a quantum many-body system
14.01.: Maximilian Schultz (FU Berlin), Quantum Transport through Nanostructures with Orbital Degeneracies.

03.12.: Christina Pöltl
26.11.: Florian Lau
19.11.: Malte Vogl
12.11.: Gernot Schaller
05.11.: Carlos López-Monís
29.10.: Ivette Fuentes-Schuller, Models for Bose Einstein condensates (postponed to Thursday, 2:15 pm in EW 731)
22.10.: Thomáš Novotný or Christian Flindt
15.10.: Clive Emary, Cotunneling and Full Counting Statistics
18.06.: Prof. B. Bulka (Pozan), Charge fluctuations and feedback effect in shot noise in a Y-terminal systems
11.06.: Prof. Ulrich Kleinekathöfer (Jacobs-Universität Bremen), Coherent laser control of the current through molecular junctions
15.05.: Prof. Marcus Cramer, Exact Relaxation in a Class of Nonequilibrium Quantum Lattice Systems
23.04.: Prof. Ivette Fuentes-Schuller, Entanglement in non-inertial frames and curved spacetime

13.12.: Christina Pöltl
29.11.: Philipp Zedler
08.11.: Yin-Tsan Tang
Dr. Gerold Kießlich, Magnetotunneling spectroscopy of novel quantum dots in GaMnAs n-i-p diodes
25.10.: Dr. Gernot Schaller, Avoiding the phase transition in the ld transverse Ising model
Prof. M. Hilke (Montreal, Canada), Anderson localization: new proofs and new surprises
Prof. S. Gurvitz (Weizmann Institute), Quantum mechanical approach to decoherence and relaxation generated by fluctuating environment
11.05.: Frederica Haupt (Genova), Shot noise in a nanoelectromechanical system
27.04.: Marius Hatlo (Manchester), Field theory of electrolyte solutions
Gernot Schaller (Dresden), Adiabatic Quantum Computing from a Quantum Phase Transition perspective
31.01.: Hannes Hübener (Hamburg), Vibrating Quantum Dot with Image Charge
24.1.: Christin David, Quantenadiabatic Theorem
17.1.: Robert Hussein, Greensche Funktionen in der Mathematik und Quantenmechanik
10.1.: Christina Poeltl, Quantenteleportation

20.12.: Philipp Zedler, Reproducing Noise Results with NEGF
13.12.: Prof. John H. Reina (Cali, Colombia)
30.11.: David Marcos, Keldysh Formalism
22.11.: Ying-Tsan Tang, Non-markovian shot noise II
15.11.: David Marcos, Projectors Method for the Noise
8.11.: Philipp Zedler, Fock Space Green Functions (Datta-Paper)
1.11.: Ying-Tsan Tang, Non-markovian shot noise I
25.10.: Jin-Jun Liang, Anderson Model with coupled cluster method
18.10.: Clive Emary, Three Level System
11.10.: David Marcos, Full counting statistics
4.10.: Philipp Zedler, Green-Function Calculations on noise

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