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2006 - 2010


18.11.: Ferdinand Brennecke (ETH Zuerich)
11.11.: Victor Bastidas and Benjamin Regler "Time-dependent Dicke model"
28.10.: Dr. Mathias Albert (Geneva)"Accuracy of the Quantum Capacitor as a Single Electron Source"
30.09.: Gernot Schaller and Gerold Kiesslich "Low-dimensional detector model for full counting statistics"
23.09.: Gerold Kiesslich "Monitoring of a charge qubit by continuous projective measurements"
02.09.: Clive Emary "Distinguishing quantum and classical transport through nanostructures"
15.07.: Victor Bastidas
Malte Vogl
kein Seminar (Fruehjahrstagung)
Anja Metelmann and R. Hussein
kein Seminar
Philipp Zedler
Malte Vogl
Tobias Brandes
Klemens Mosshammer
03.02.: Moritz Schubotz
27.1.: 'Bachelor-Tag', jeweils 15 min Vortrag: Alice Schwarze; Wassilij Kopylov; Philipp Strassberg
20.1.: Christina Pöltl, Bewegungsgleichungsmethode + Zählen
13.1.: Victor Bastidas, time-dependent Dicke model
06.1.: nur Kaffee bzw. spontan (wer da ist)

18.11.: Moritz Schubotz
11.11.: Gernot Schaller and Gerold Kiesslich "Counting statistics in Multi-stable systems"
23.09.: Robert Hussein und Anja Metelmann
16.09.: Klemens Mosshammer
26.08.: Anne Beyreuther
22.07.: Prof. John Henry Reina (Cali, Kolumbien)
Victor Manuel Bastidas
08.07.: Dr. Neill Lambert (Tokyo)
01.07.: Arash Azhand "Vision, Observation and Theory - Mathematical Modeling based on Single Molecule Fluorescence Experiments"
Prof. Wolfgang Belzig
17.06.: Debora Contreras
Gernot Schaller
Malte Vogl
27.05.: Fernando Domínguez Tijero
13.05.: Jan Martinek, Kondo effect in the presence of ferromagnetism in quantum dots coupled to ferromagnetic leads
06.05.: Dr. Paul Racec, Scattering problem in cylindrical nanowire heterostructures
25.02.: Gerold Kießlich "Single-electron transport in exchange-coupled spin systems"
18.02.: Martin Kliesch
11.02.: Robert Hussein, Transport theory of a nano-elastomechanical system
04.02.: Daniel Urban (U Duisburg/Essen) "Counting statistics of transport through Aharonov-Bohm interferometers with embedded quantum dots"
21.01.: Dr. David Jennings (Sydney), Transitions in universality for measurement-based quantum computation in a quantum many-body system
14.01.: Maximilian Schultz (FU Berlin), Quantum Transport through Nanostructures with Orbital Degeneracies.

03.12.: Christina Pöltl
26.11.: Florian Lau
19.11.: Malte Vogl
12.11.: Gernot Schaller
05.11.: Carlos López-Monís
29.10.: Ivette Fuentes-Schuller, Models for Bose Einstein condensates (postponed to Thursday, 2:15 pm in EW 731)
22.10.: Thomáš Novotný or Christian Flindt
15.10.: Clive Emary, Cotunneling and Full Counting Statistics
18.06.: Prof. B. Bulka (Pozan), Charge fluctuations and feedback effect in shot noise in a Y-terminal systems
11.06.: Prof. Ulrich Kleinekathöfer (Jacobs-Universität Bremen), Coherent laser control of the current through molecular junctions
15.05.: Prof. Marcus Cramer, Exact Relaxation in a Class of Nonequilibrium Quantum Lattice Systems
23.04.: Prof. Ivette Fuentes-Schuller, Entanglement in non-inertial frames and curved spacetime

13.12.: Christina Pöltl
29.11.: Philipp Zedler
08.11.: Yin-Tsan Tang
Dr. Gerold Kießlich, Magnetotunneling spectroscopy of novel quantum dots in GaMnAs n-i-p diodes
25.10.: Dr. Gernot Schaller, Avoiding the phase transition in the ld transverse Ising model
Prof. M. Hilke (Montreal, Canada), Anderson localization: new proofs and new surprises
Prof. S. Gurvitz (Weizmann Institute), Quantum mechanical approach to decoherence and relaxation generated by fluctuating environment
11.05.: Frederica Haupt (Genova), Shot noise in a nanoelectromechanical system
27.04.: Marius Hatlo (Manchester), Field theory of electrolyte solutions
Gernot Schaller (Dresden), Adiabatic Quantum Computing from a Quantum Phase Transition perspective
31.01.: Hannes Hübener (Hamburg), Vibrating Quantum Dot with Image Charge
24.1.: Christin David, Quantenadiabatic Theorem
17.1.: Robert Hussein, Greensche Funktionen in der Mathematik und Quantenmechanik
10.1.: Christina Poeltl, Quantenteleportation

20.12.: Philipp Zedler, Reproducing Noise Results with NEGF
13.12.: Prof. John H. Reina (Cali, Colombia)
30.11.: David Marcos, Keldysh Formalism
22.11.: Ying-Tsan Tang, Non-markovian shot noise II
15.11.: David Marcos, Projectors Method for the Noise
8.11.: Philipp Zedler, Fock Space Green Functions (Datta-Paper)
1.11.: Ying-Tsan Tang, Non-markovian shot noise I
25.10.: Jin-Jun Liang, Anderson Model with coupled cluster method
18.10.: Clive Emary, Three Level System
11.10.: David Marcos, Full counting statistics
4.10.: Philipp Zedler, Green-Function Calculations on noise

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