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Collaborative Research Center 910Symposium: "Control of Network Dynamics"

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Interdivisional Symposium: "Control of Network Dynamics" (SYND)

SYND is a joint event of the divisions Dynamics and Statistical Physics (DY), Socio-Economic Systems (SOE), and Biological Physics (BP) of the DPG.

This symposium focuses upon fundamental aspects of control of the dynamics of and on complex networks, as well as upon applications, e.g., to stability and control of power grids.

Eckehard Schöll (TU Berlin)
Stefan Bornholdt (University of Bremen)


INTRODUCTION given by Eckehard Schöll

TALK given by Adilson E. Motter

TALK given by Kazuyuki Aihara

Talk given by Marc Timme

TALK given by Ingo Fischer


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