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Collaborative Research Center 910International Conference on "Control of Self-Organizing Nonlinear Systems" 2018

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International Conference on Control of Self-Organizing Nonlinear Systems


Dates: 09.09. - 13.09.2018
Location: Warnemünde, Rostock, Germany

Sabine Klapp (SFB 910, Berlin), Chair
Andreas Knorr (SFB 910, Berlin), Co-Chair

The aim of the conference is to address fundamental developments in theoretical methods of control of complex systems and state-of-the-art  applications in various scientific disciplines. In particular, it is intended to focus on nonlinear dynamical systems with time delay, noise effects, synchronization patterns and chimera states, and applications to control of quantum systems and lasers, soft and active matter, cardiac dynamics and neuroscience.

Here you can find photos of the conference!



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Invited Speakers


Victor Bastidas (Atsugi)
Frank Cichos (Leipzig)
Stephen Coombes (Nottingham)
Eduard Feireisl (Prague)
Flavio Fenton (Atlanta)
Ulrike Feudel (Oldenburg)
Christiane Koch (Kassel)
Christian Kuehn (TU Muenchen)
Yulia Kyrychko (Sussex)
Bernt Oksendal (Oslo)
Ulrich Parlitz (Göttingen)

Astero Provata (Athens)
Peter Rabl (Vienna)
Rajarshi Roy (Maryland)
Ken Showalter (West Virginia)
Christian Wagner (Saarbruecken)
Aran van der Schaft (Groningen)
Guy Van der Sande (Brussel)





Organizing Committee

Roland Aust (TU Berlin), Conference Secretary
Sabine Klapp (TU Berlin), Conference Chair
Yulia Jagodzinski  (TU Berlin), Treasurer
Moritz Gerster (TU Berlin), Technical Chair
Leonhard Schülen (TU Berlin), Technical Chair

Program Committee

Markus Bär (PTB Berlin)
Alexander Carmele (PTB Berlin)
Sabine Klapp (TU Berlin)
Andreas Knorr (TU Berlin)
Kathy Lüdge (TU Berlin)
Volker Mehrmann (TU Berlin)
Felix von Oppen (FU Berlin)
Isabelle Schneider (FU Berlin)
Eckehard Schöll (TU Berlin)
Wilhelm Stannat(TU Berlin)
Holger Stark (TU Berlin)
Anna Zakharova (TU Berlin)


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