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International Conference on Delayed Complex Systems



Dates: 04.06. - 08.06.2012
Location: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Eckehard Schöll (SFB 910, Berlin), Chair
Ingo Fischer (IFISC, Palma de Mallorca), Co-Chair

The aim of the conference is to address fundamental developments and state-of-the-art applications of delay differential equations in various scientific disciplines. In particular, it is intended to focus on nonlinear dynamical systems and complex networks with time delay occurring in physics, chemistry, biology, and neuroscience, where memory effects and finite signal propagation and processing times are important.

The conference will also encompass the application of time delays in economy, sociology, ecology, and engineering. Examples include, e.g., heterogeneity and robustness of delay-coupled networks, information processing, sensor networks, neural networks, or delay control of quantum systems. It will be exciting to work out the striking analogies between delay-coupled lasers and neural systems in both of which delay effects are abundant. Another focus will be that time delays have become an important tool for controlling nonlinear dynamical systems, as exemplified by new approaches towards controlling complex networks, or spatio-temporal patterns, or noise-induced oscillations. Complementary to these applications, the workshop will also present fundamental developments in novel theoretical concepts and sophisticated numerical analysis of these systems. Finally, new insights in the mathematical properties of deterministic and stochastic functional delay differential equations, including spatially inhomogeneous systems and systems with distributed or state-dependent delay, will also be reviewed.

This conference continues the tradition of previous workshops on delayed complex systems in Berlin (2006) and Dresden (2009, http://www.mpipks-dresden.mpg.de/~dcs09/).

Invited speakers:

Andreas Amann (Cork)
Fatihcan Atay (Leipzig)
Sue Ann Campbell (Waterloo)
Jens Christian Claussen (Lübeck)
Clive Emary (Berlin)
Thomas Erneux (Bruxelles)
Bernold Fiedler (Berlin)
Daniel Gauthier (Durham)
Thilo Gross (Bristol)
Philipp Hövel (Boston)
Henri Huijberts (London)
Mogens H. Jensen (Copenhagen)
Viktor Jirsa (Marseille)
Wolfram Just (London)
Ido Kanter (Bar-Ilan)
Wolfgang Kinzel (Würzburg)
Yuliya Kyrychko (Brighton)
Laurent Larger (Besancon)
André Longtin (Ottawa)

Yuri Maistrenko (Kiev)
Cristina Masoller (Barcelona)
Andrew Oates (Dresden)
Junji Ohtsubo (Hamamatsu)
Gabor Orosz (Ann Arbor)
Edward Ott (College Park)
Ulrich Parlitz (Göttingen)
Antonio Politi (Firenze)
Claire Postlethwaite (Auckland)
Kestutis Pyragas (Vilnius)
Pierre Rouchon (Paris)
Jan Sieber (Portsmouth)
Wolf Singer (Frankfurt)
Joshua Socolar (Durham)
Gabor Stepan (Budapest)
Raul Toral (Palma)
Hans-Otto Walther (Giessen)
Serhiy Yanchuk (Berlin)


Please note that:

  • applications for oral presentation and poster contributions are welcome and should be made by using the application form on this web page (see "Abstract Submission" in the menu to the left). The deadline is the 1st of March, 2012.
  • registration for participation is to be done online (see "Registration" in the menu to the left).
  • the number of attendees is limited.
  • childcare is available upon request.

For further information please e-mail to:


Organizing Committee


Eckehard Schöll (SFB 910), Chair
Ingo Fischer (IFISC), Co-Chair
Miguel Cornelles Soriano (IFISC)
Thomas Dahms (TU Berlin)
Bernold Fiedler (FU Berlin)
Valentin Flunkert (IFISC)
Andrew Keane (SFB 910)
Sabine Klapp (TU Berlin)
Judith Lehnert (TU Berlin)
Claudio Mirasso (IFISC)
Serhiy Yanchuk (HU Berlin)


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