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The detailed program of the event can be downloaded here [1].

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

8:30 am
Bus transfer
Berlin (Hardenbergplatz) to Lutherstadt Wittenberg
11:30 am
Welcome address

Hugues Berry (Keynote speaker)
E ffects of Cellular Homeostatic Intrinsic Plasticity on Dynamical and Computational Properties of Biological Recurrent Neural Networks [2]
12:40 pm
Lunch break (Leucorea)
2:00 pm
Philipp Hövel
Towards the control of networks with timevarying topologies: analysis of livestock trade [3]

Nikos E. Kouvaris
Pattern formation and control in networks of bistable elements [4]

Anna Zakharova
Controlling complex networks: interplay of structure, noise and delay [5]
3:15 pm
Coffee break
3:35 pm
Josef Ladenbauer
How neuronal adaptation shapes spiking and network dynamics [6]

Bernold Fiedler
Regulatory networks: observation and control [7]
4:25 pm
Coffee break
4:40 pm
Poster session
7:00 pm
Dinner (Leucorea)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

8:00 am
Breakfast (Leucorea / Hotel respectively)
9:00 am
Peter Ashwin (Keynote speaker)
Phase response curves and emergent dynamics in oscillator networks [8]
9:50 am
Coffee break
10:05 am
Kathy Lüdge
Collective phenomena in laser networks with non-identical units [9]

Julia Kabuß
Control of single quantum excitations in cavities [10]

Tobias Brandes
Feedback Control: quantum transport, thermodynamics, and phase transitions [11]
11:20 am
Coffee break
11:40 am
Christopher Prohm
Optimal control of particle separation in inertial microfluids [12]

Sergio Alonso
Generic model of pattern formation in nonlinear systems with two spatial scales [13]
12:40 pm
Lunch break (Leucorea)
2:00 pm
Holger Kantz (Keynote speaker)
Prediction of complex dynamics - who cares about chaos? [14]

Christopher Ryll
Sparse optimal control of the Schlögl and FitzHugh-Nagumo system [15]
3:15 pm
Coffee break
3:30 pm
Meeting of the principal investigators
5:30 pm
7:00 pm
Dinner (Haus des Handwerks)

Friday, August 30, 2013

8:00 am
Breakfast (Leucorea / Hotel respectively)
9:00 am
Rajarshi Roy (Keynote speaker)
Nonlinear Dynamics in Optical Networks: Patterns and Synchronization [16]
9:50 am
Coffee break
10:05 am
Sina Reichelt
Homogenization of degenerated reaction diff usion equations [17]

Pavel Gurevich
Reaction-di ffusion systems with hysteresis [18]
10:55 am
Coffee break
11:15 am
Leonhard Lücken
Spatio-temporal dynamics of scalar delay di fferential equations [19]

Phi Ha
Diff erential-algebraic equations with time-delay: solvability analysis and control [20]

Robert Lasarzik
A closer look at liquid crystal displays [21]
12:40 pm
Lunch break (Leucorea)
2:00 pm
Tarlan A. Vezirov
Manipulating transport phenomena of colloidal particles at surfaces [22]

Julien Siebert
Nonlocal Control of Chemical Front Propagation in the Schlögl Model [23]
2:50 pm
Closing remarks
3:30 pm
Departure by bus
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