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Chimera States in Two Coupled Ensembles of Henon and Lozi Maps. Control and Synchronization of Chimera States

Held by Prof. Dr. Vadim Anishchenko (Saratov State University, Russia)
07.11.2017, 16:15 Uhr
EW 731


We study numerically the dynamics of a network made of two coupled one-dimensional ensembles of discrete-time systems. The first ensemble is represented by a ring of nonlocally coupled Henon maps, and the second one – by a ring of nonlocally coupled Lozi maps. We find that the network of coupled ensembles can realize all the spatio-temporal structures which are observed both in the Henon map ensemble and in the Lozi map ensemble when uncoupled. Moreover, we reveal a new type of spatiotemporal structure, a solitary state chimera, in the considered network. We also establish and describe the effect of mutual synchronization of various complex spatiotemporal patterns in the system of two coupled ensembles of Henon and Lozi maps.

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