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Collaborative Research Center 910Environmental effects on the dynamics of coupled nonlinear systems

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Environmental effects on the dynamics of coupled nonlinear systems

Held by Dr. V. Resmi (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research - IISER, Pashan, Pune)
22.11.2012, 16:00
EW 561

We study the role of an external, dynamic environment in controlling the dynamics of nonlinear systems. We model the environment as an external system, which has an intrinsic dynamics different from that of the systems. First, we show that, an indirect feedback coupling between the environment and the systems leads to different types of synchronization phenomena. If the direct coupling between the systems is also present in addition to the indirect coupling, then the systems can settle to a state of amplitude death. This is then extended to the case of amplitude death in a complex network of dynamical systems in interaction with a common environment. We present the numerical results for the standard nonlinear systems as well as for a few neuronal models.




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