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Localiced Danymics in Phase Oscillators and their Control

Held by Dr. Christian Bick (University of Exeter, UK)
12.01.2016, 12:15 Uhr


Networks of oscillatory units are abundant in nature and technology and in the weak coupling limit can be described by a phase model where the state of each oscillator is given by a single phase variable. In contrast to the sinusoidal coupling in the classical Kuramoto equations, we are interested in dynamical phenomena that arise through more general coupling function. On the one hand, we study spatially localized patterns in terms of frequency synchronization of oscillators—known as weak chimeras. We sketch some existence results for such weak chimeras to be chaotic. On the other hand, we discuss how generalized coupling can be useful for applications, for example to control the spatial position of a “classical” chimera on a ring.

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