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Synchronization in multiplex networks

Held by Prof. Sarika Jalan (Indian Institute of Technology, Indore, India)
01.11.2016, 16:00 Uhr


Synchronization plays a vital role in proper functioning of the brain, social, ecological and many other complex real-world systems. These real-world systems possess multiple relations among its units (nodes) and thus can be represented by a multiplex network. Furthermore, communication delays naturally arise in real-world systems, and they may affect either a single layer of all the layers of the network. We introduce a simple model where two features are simultaneously present and elucidate several phenomena of cluster synchronization due to their interplay. Interestingly, cluster synchronization of a layer in a multiplex network can be tuned to the delay value in the other layers. Furthermore, by introducing delay, cluster synchronization in one layer can be made robust against changes in the delay value as well as network architecture of the other layer. These results are important for multiplex systems with more than one type of vital resources, for instance, water supply, and power plants of a city, where controlling synchronizability is of the fundamental importance.


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