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Coherent control of phonon statistics and non-Markovian quantum feedback control of cavity-photons


Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs), coupled to photonic or acoustic cavities exhibit a variety of interesting features, arising from their non-linear and non-Markovian interactions with electrons.
Operating the QD-cavity device in the few photon regime, it is highly desirable to control single emission/absorption events and to increase the signal-to-noise ratio.

First, we present a non-Markovian theory of photon self feedback, introducing a delay into the dynamics of the combined QD-nano-cavity system via coupling an external mirror. Since in the single photon case, classical factorizing and Markovian models break down, a fully quantum mechanical multi-mode approach is choosen. As a typical result of the quantum optical feedback, we present delayed single-photon dynamics. The mirror provides a structured external mode continuum and enforces self-feedback temporal delay effects, which lead to modified Rabi-oscillations.
Second, we discuss a novel scheme of a phonon laser, where a QD is coupled to a single acoustic phonon mode. A detuned optical excitation scheme, including a CW laser at the anti-Stokes resonance of the QD, the phonon emission statistics of the device can be controlled either to be chaotic, coherent or also single phonon emission.

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