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Collaborative Research Center 910Introductory Lectures 2019/2020

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Fundamentals and methods of design and control of complex systems


Project leaders of SFB 910

21 October  2019
27 January 2020

Mondays: 16:15 - 17:45
Please find the dates below.

EW 203, TU Berlin

Lectures in the Winter Semester 2019/2020:

Mathematical Foundations:
21.10.19: Bernold Fiedler (A4): Bifurcations
28.10.19: Isabelle Schneider (A4): Delay differential equations
04.11.19: Wilhelm Stannat (A10): Optimal control of stochastic processes
11.11.19: Volker Mehrmann (A2): Port-Hamiltonian differential algebraic operators in electrical and flow networks

18.11.19: Markus Baer (B5): Pattern formation in biological systems
25.11.19: Alexander Mielke (A5): Pattern formation in coupled parabolic systems on extended domains
02.12.19: Matthias Wolfrum (A3): Patterns in discrete media

Complex fluids:
13.01.20: Sabine Klapp (B2): Control of driven colloidal systems
20.01.20: Etienne Emmrich (A8): Evolution equations, existence via discretization, and the Navier-Stokes problem
27.01.20: Holger Stark (B4): Hydrodynamic flows in complex fluids

This course will continue in the near future covering topics from Quantum Mechanical Systems, Networks and Applications.


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