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Project groups

Lupe [1]

The collaborative resesearch center is structured in two project groups:

  • Project groups A: Theoretical methods [2]
    • A1: Control and dynamics of multilayer networks [3]
    • A2: Analysis and computation of stability exponents for port-Hamiltonian delay differential-algebraic equations [4]
    • A3: Self-organization and control in coupled networks and time-delayed systems [5]
    • A4: Spatio-temporal patterns: control, delays, and design [6]
    • A5: Pattern formation in coupled parabolic systems [7]
    • A8: Nonlinear evolution equations: model hierarchies and complex fluids [8]
    • A10: Control of stochastic mean-field equations with applications to brain networks [9]
    • A11: Feedback control for quantum information processing [10]
  • Project groups B: Concepts of application [11]
    • B1: Feedback control of open quantum systems [12]
    • B2: Control of dynamical structures and transport in driven colloidal systems [13]
    • B4: Control of flow patterns in complex fluids on the micron scale [14]
    • B5: Control of multiscale pattern formation and application to cardiac dynamics and active matter [15]
    • B8: Dynamics and control of inter-areal brain networks [16]
    • B9: Stochastic and structural properties of complex laser networks for optical computing [17]
    • B11: Dynamics of complex networks in the presence of external influences: synchronization and control [18]
    • B12: Control and feedback protocols via dissipation engineering [19]

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