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B5: Control of multiscale pattern formation and application to cardiac dynamics and active matter

Principal investigator:

Prof. Dr. Markus Bär

Project summary:

We plan to analyze and control complex and typically chaotic spatiotemporal dynamics (1) in cardiac tissue and (2) in active fluids. In subproject 1, we will analyze and improve the mechanism of defibrillation by sequences of low-energy electrical-field stimuli (LEAP) that induce waves from internal heterogeneities. To achieve this, we plan to reduce a partial differential equations model to a stochastic mean-field like model and to identify suitable macrovariables for an effective control. Subproject 2 will on the one hand, deal with the control of mesoscale turbulence and stabilization of regular spatiotemporal states like unidirectional collective motion or vortex lattices in a simple model of an active suspension of swimmers through spatial modulation and feedback. On the other hand, the control of synchronisation and chimera states in a model for phase oscillators with long-range coupling modelling arrays of cilia on the surface of biological cells shall be studied in part 2 of this project.



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