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Funding period 2015-2018

A: Theoretical methods

  • A1: Controlling complex networks: interplay of structure, noise, and delay [1]
  • A2: Analysis and computation of stability exponents for delay differential-algebraic equations [2]
  • A3: Activity patterns in delay-coupled systems [3]
  • A4: Spatio-temporal patterns: observation, control, and design [4]
  • A5: Pattern formation in systems with multiple scales [5]
  • A7: Feedback control of coherent and collective of quantum processes [6]
  • A8: Nonlinear evolution equations: analysis, discretization, and feedback control [7]
  • A9: Reaction-diffusion systems: hysteresis and nonlocal interactions [8]

B: Concepts of application

  • B1: Feedback control of photonic quantum networks [9]
  • B2: Feedback control of dynamical structures and transport in driven colloidal systems [10]
  • B4: Control of flow patterns in complex fluids on the micron scale [11]
  • B5: Control of multiscale reaction-diffusion patterns and applications to biomembranes and cardiac dynamics [12]
  • B6: Control of travelling and rotating waves in spatially extended nonlinear systems [13]
  • B8: Dynamics and control of neuronal brain networks [14]
  • B9: Collective phenomena in laser networks with nonidentical units [15]
  • B10: Control of networks with time-varying topologies and applications to epidemiology [16]
  • B11: Dynamics of nonlinear networks and active media in the presence of noise: synchronization, control and diagnostics [17]
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