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Prof. Dr. Harald Engel - Curriculum Vitae


Harald Engel

born in Leipzig, Germany,
on October 27, 1952
married, four children


1971 – 1976
Study of p
hysics at the University of Odessa


Physics diploma degree from the University of Odessa.
Diploma thesis (Theoretical Physics) with I. S. Fischer on velocity autocorrelations in simple fluids

PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) at the Humboldt-University Berlin.
PhD thesis (Theoretical Physics) with Werner Ebeling on noise-induced bifurcations in nonlinear dynamical systems

Habilitation (Theoretical Physics) at the Humboldt-University Berlin on spontaneous pattern formation in non- equilibrium systems


1976 – 1979
associate at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of Fluids at the University of Rostock

1979 – 1988
Research associate at the Institute for Statistical Thermodynamics and Theoretical Biophysics at the Humboldt-University Berlin

1982 – 1983
Postdoctoral fellow with Juri L. Klimontovich at the Institute for Wave Processes, Physics Department at Lomonosov-University, Moscov

1989 – 1993
Head of the Department "Stability of chemical processes and reactors" at the Institute for Physical Chemistry (ZIPC), GDR Academy of Sciences

1994 – 2002
Leader of the research group "Dissipative structures", WIP

– 1999
Visiting professor at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Saarbrücken

1998 – 2010

Project leader within the DFG-Collaborative Research Centre 555 "Complex Nonlinear Systems"

January 2002 – present Full professor for Theoretical Physics at the TU Berlin

Research fields

  • nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation in spatially extended non-equilibrium systems

  • nonlinear dissipative waves: wave solutions to reaction-diffusion equations, waves in excitable media, control of spiral waves

  • nonlinear stochastic processes: noise-induced patterns, wave propagation in media with fluctuating parameters

Further activities (selection)

  • Founding and board member of the Berlin Center for Studies in Complex Chemical Systems

  • Professional referee for the Cusanus-Foundation awarding scholarships to exceptionally gifted students

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