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Bachelor and Master theses

Students interested in writing their thesis in our group are highly welcome!

Typically, topics are chosen to extend ongoing (PhD or postdoc) research projects in our group.

Possible research topics:

Noisy classical systems under time-delayed feedback control

We study classical noisy systems that involve time-delayed feedback forces. We describe the non-Markovian Dynamics via delayed Fokker-Planck Equations and Delayed Langevin Equations. Therefore, we use analytical and numerical methods (e. g., Brownian Dynamics simulations).

Contact: Sarah Loos, Sabine Klapp

Rheology of active and passive anisotropic fluids

We investigate the flow dynamics of anisotropic passive and active colloids and emerging non-equilibrium structures like shear banding and mesoscale turbulence. We apply a continuum theoretical approach and numerical methods like finite differences.

Contact: Henning Reinken, Sabine Klapp

Nanoconfined colloidal systems under shear

Using Brownian dynamics simulations we investigate the non-equilibrium behavior of colloidal suspensions in strong spatial confinement. Some key aspects are the impact of shear forces, local transport via defect structures and the development of suitable feedback control strategies.

Contact: Sascha Gerloff, Sabine Klapp

Non-equilibrium surface growth

We investigate growth and pattern formation in isotropic and anisotropic systems far from thermal equilibrium using Monte Carlo simulations and analytical methods. The goal is to develop a basic understanding of the conditions for controlled growth depending on system parameters.

Contact: Thomas Martynec, Sabine Klapp

Please have a look at our individual webpages for more detailed information!

Of course, other suggestions related to your own research are welcome as well.

If you are interested in writing your Bachelor or Master thesis in our group please contact us. Feel free to ask us your questions via Email. Or just stop by!

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