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AG Computersimulationen und Theorie komplexer Fluide2021

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H. Reinken, S. Heidenreich, M. Baer, and S. H. L. Klapp
Ising-like critical behavior of vortex lattices in an active fluid
submitted (2021) (arXiv)

S. M. J. Khadem, N. H. Siboni, and S. H. L. Klapp
Transport and phase separation of active Brownian particles in fluctuating environments
submitted (2021) (arXiv)

S. A. M. Loos, S. Hermann, and S. H. L. Klapp
Medium entropy reduction and instability in stochastic systems with distributed delay
Entropy 23, 696 (2021) (journal)

G.-J. Liao and S. H. L. Klapp
Emergent vortices and phase separation in systems of chiral active particles with dipolar interactions
Soft Matter 17, 6833 (2021) (journal) (arXiv)

T. Martynec, S. H. L. Klapp, and S. Kowarik
Machine learning predictions of surface migration barriers in nucleation and non-equillibrium growth
Communication Materials 2, 1 (2021) (journal)

A. Kraft and S. H. L. Klapp
Freezing of a soft-core fluid in a one-dimensional potential: Appearance of a locked smectic phase
Mol. Phys., e1875078 (2021), within Findenegg Memorial Issue (journal) (arXiv)

T. J. Doerries, S. M. Loos and S. H. L. Klapp
Correlation functions of non-Markovian systems out of equilibrium: Analytical expressions beyond single-exponential memory
J. Stat. Phys. 2021, 033202 (2021) (journal) (arXiv)

S. M. J. Khadem, S. H. L. Klapp, and R. Klages
Search efficiency of discrete fractional Brownian motion in a random distribution of targets
Phys. Rev. Research 3, 023169 (2021) (journal) (arXiv)




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