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Statistical physics of complex fluids

Seminar summer term 2016


Time: Wednesday, 16:15h

Room: EW 733

Change of time and place starting 27.06.16: Mon, 16:15h, in EW 731

Preliminary discussion for distribution of topics and dates takes place on Wednesday, 20.04.2016

Students are warmly invited

Contact: Prof. Dr. Sabine Klapp [1]



In the seminar new developments in the field of statistical physics of complex fluids are introduced and current research in our work group is presented.

Students who require a seminar certificate and/or are interested in working on a bachelor or diploma thesis in our group are very welcome.


Our focus lies on:

  • Dynamics outside of equilibrium
  • Formation of structure and phase transitions in external fields
  • Fluid nanostructures
  • Self-Assembly
  • New concepts of theoretical modelling such as dynamical density functional theory and computer simulations

EW 733, 16:15h
Preliminary discussion

EW 733, 16:15h
Benedikt Hartung
Simulating stencil lithography of C60 growth: Impact of localized deposition
EW 733, 16:15h
Thomas Martynec
The non-equilibrium growth of anisotropically interacting particles
EW 733, 16:15h
Sarah Loos
Probabilistic treatment of steady states of classical overdamped noisy systems with time-delay
EW 733, 16:15h
Konstantin Zak
Dynamical Density Functional Theory for Colloids in Two-Dimensional Channels
EW 733, 16:15h
Guo-Jun Liao
Dynamics of Circle Swimmers
EW 733, 14:15h
Sergii Donets, TU Dresden
Atomistic modelling of organic/inorganic interfaces and polyamine aggregation
EW 731, 16:15h
Benjamin von Lospichl
Shear Banding - Mechanism and Models
EW 731, 16:00h
Henning Reinken
Alexander Kraft
Active nematics

DFT/DDFT: Crystal phases in soft-core systems
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