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Statistische Physik komplexer Fluide



In the seminar, new developments in the field of statistical physics of complex fluids are introduced and current research in our work group is presented.

Students who require a seminar certificate and/or are interested in working on a bachelor or diploma thesis in our group are very welcome.


Our focus lies on:

  • Nonequilibrium phenomena
  • Formation of structure and phase transitions in external fields
  • Fluid nanostructures
  • New concepts of theoretical modeling such as dynamical density functional theory
  • Anisotropic colloids
  • Active matter and microswimmers
  • Stochastic thermodynamics
  • Control strategies for self-organizing nonlinear systems
  • Nucleation and growth processes
  • Computer simulations


Seminar winter term 2018/2019


Time: Wednesday, 16:15h

Room: EW 733

Flyer [1]

Preliminary discussion for distribution of topics and dates takes place on Wednesday, 17.10.2018.

Students are warmly invited.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Sabine Klapp [2]


EW 733, 16:15h
preliminary discussion
EW 733, 16:15h
Sarah Loos
Fokker-Planck approach to stochastic systems with time delay
EW 733, 16:15h
Guo-Jun Liao
Self-assembly of active dipolar colloids
EW 733, 16.15h
Lasse Ermoneit
Information is physical: A thermodynamic description of a Markovian particle pump
EW 731, 16:15h
Vasco Worlitzer
(PTB Berlin)
Connecting Meso-Scale Turbulence and Motility-Induced Phase Separation for an Active Polar Fluid
EW 733, 16:15h
Simon Hermann
Total entropy production in noisy systems with memory via Markovian embedding
EW 733, 16:15h
Timo Dörries
Fokker-Planck equations and active particles
EW 733, 16:15h
Alexander Kraft
Analytical prediction for light-induced freezing and re-entrant
melting for hard discs in 2D

EW 733, 16:15h
Nima Siboni
Effect of external magnetic field on rheology of mixtures of magnetic and non-magnetic ellipsoidal ​particles
EW 731, 16:15h
(joining the seminar of AG Engel)
Robert Grossmann
(Universität Potsdam)
Novel insights on pattern formation of self-propelled rods
EW 733, 16:15h
Kimom Hadjikirihkos
Non-equilibrium cluster growth and rate equations
EW 733, 10:15h
(additional date)
Thomas Martynec
Using Convolutional Neural Networks to identify energy barriers in stochastic interface growth
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