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Statistische Physik komplexer Fluide

Lupe [1]



In the seminar, new developments in the field of statistical physics of complex fluids are introduced and current research in our work group is presented.

Students who require a seminar certificate and/or are interested in working on a bachelor or diploma thesis in our group are very welcome.


Our focus lies on:

  • Non-Markovian systems
  • Formation of structure and phase transitions in external fields
  • Fluid nanostructures
  • New concepts of theoretical modeling such as dynamical density functional theory
  • Anisotropic fluids
  • Active matter and microswimmers
  • Stochastic thermodynamics
  • Control strategies
  • Nucleation and growth processes
  • Computer simulations


Seminar winter term 2019/20


Time: Wednesday, 16:15h

Room: EW 733


Preliminary discussion for distribution of topics and dates takes place on Wednesday, 16.10.2019.

Students are warmly invited.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Sabine Klapp [2]


EW 733, 16:15h
preliminary discussion
EW 731, 16:15h
Viktor Holubec
Brownian Molecules Formed by Delayed Harmonic Interactions
(mit AG Engel und AG Bär*)
EW 733, 16:15h
Alexander Kraft
Light-Induced Freezing of Hard Disks
EW 733, 16:15h
Timo Dörries
Analytical solutions of active non-Markovian systems via Embedding  
EW 733, 16:15h
Mohsen Khadem
Diffusing activity
EW 733, 16:15h
Thomas Martynec
Entropy Production in Non-Equilibrium Lattice Models 
EW 733, 10:15h
Yuanyuan Zhou
Determining surface phase diagram including anharmonic effects
EW 733, 16:15h
Guo-Jun Liao
Dipolar Circle Swimmers
EW 731, 16:15h
Benjamin Winkler
A phase field approach to cellular motility - how confinement and substrate topography control single cell migration in 3D
(mit AG Engel und AG Bär*)
EW 733, 10:15h
Marcel Huelsberg
High-Throughput Thermal Conductivity Calculations in Complex IV-VI Materials​
EW 733, 16:15h
Benjamin von Lospichl
Structural Characterization and Rheology of Decorated Peptide Hydrogels

*das Seminar findet zusammen mit dem Seminar "Nichtlineare Dynamik und Strukturbildung" der AG Engel und AG Bär statt (https://www.itp.tu-berlin.de/engel/ag_engel/seminare/seminar/ [3])

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