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RG Nonlinear optics and quantum electronics 2001

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  • N.C.Nielsen, S.Linden, J.Kuhl, J.F├Ârstner, A.Knorr, H.Giessen and S.W.Koch
    " Coherent Nonlinear Pulse Propagation on a Free Exciton Resonance in a Semiconductor '',
    Phys.Rev.B 64, 245202 (2001).

  • J.F├Ârstner, A.Knorr, and S.W.Koch
    " Nonlinear Pulse Propagation in Semiconductors: Hole Burning Within a Homogeneous Line ",
    Phys.Rev.Lett. 86, 476 (2001).

  • S.W.Koch and A.Knorr
    "Optics in the Nano-World: Localized Light Probing Localized Electrons"
    Science Magazine 293, 2217, (2001).

  • S.Hughes, P.Borri, A.Knorr, F. Romstad, and J. M.Hvam
    "Ultrashort Pulse Propagation Effects in a Semiconductor Optical Amplifier: Theory and Experiment''
    IEEE J. of Quant. Electr. 7, 694 (2001).

  • A.Knorr and S.Hughes
    "Microscopic Theory of Ultrashort Pulse Compression and Break-Up in a Semiconductor Optical Amplifier''
    Phot.Techn.Lett.13, 782 (2001).


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