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RG Nonlinear optics and quantum electronics 2002

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  • I.Waldmüller, J.Förstner, A.Knorr,
    "Theory of ultrafast dynamics and lineshape of semiconductor quantum well intersubband emitters",
    in OSA Trends in Optics and Photonics (TOPS) Vol. 79, Nonlinear Optics, OSA Technical Digest, Postconference Edition (OSA, Washington DC 2002), pp 301-303.

  • Jens Förstner, Kwang Jun Ahn, Juliane Dankwerts, Martin Schaarschmidt, Ines Waldmüller, Carsten Weber, and Andreas Knorr,
    "Light Propagation-and Many-Particle-Induced Non-Lorentzian Lineshapes in Semiconductor Nanooptics"
    Phys. Status Solidi B 234, 155-165 (2002).

  • P.Thomas, M.Möller, R.Eichmann, T.Meier, T.Stroucken and A.Knorr,
    "Microscopic Foundation of the Förster Excitonic Energy Transfer Process"
    Phys.Stat.Sol.b 230, 25-29 (2002).

  • J.P.Prineas, J.Y.Zhou, J.Kuhl, H.M.Gibbs, G.Khitrova, S.W.Koch, A.Knorr,
    "Ultrafast Suppression and Recovery of a Photonic Band Gap",
    Appl.Phys.Lett.81, 4332-4335 (2002).

  • J.Förstner, A.Knorr, M.Lindberg, S.W.Koch,
    "Line narrowing and hole burning within the homogeneous linewidth: a new wave-mixing effect in two-level systems",
    Opt. Lett. 27, 1830-1832 (2002).


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