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  • T. Winzer, R. Jago, and E. Malic,
    "Experimentally accessible signatures of Auger scattering in graphene",
    Phys. Rev. B 94, 235430 (2016)

  • G. Berghäuser, A. Knorr, and E. Malic,
    "Optical fingerprint of dark 2p-states in transition metal dichalcogenides",
    2D Mater. 4, 015029 (2016)

  • E. Malic, T. Winzer, F. Wendler, and A. Knorr,
    "Review on carrier multiplication in graphene",
    Phys. Status Solidi B 253 (12),  2303–2310 (2016)

  • M. Selig, G. Berghaeuser, A. Raja, P. Nagler, C. Schüller, T. F. Heinz, T. Korn, A. Chernikov, E. Malic, and A. Knorr,
    "Excitonic linewidth and coherence lifetime in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides",
    Nature Commun. 7,13279 (2016)

  • Sandra C. Kuhn, Andreas Knorr, Stephan Reitzenstein, and Marten Richter
    "Cavity assisted emission of single, paired and heralded photons from a single quantum dot device"
    Optics Express  24 (22),  25446-25461 (2016)

  • Ermin Malic,
    "Ultraschnelle Dynamik in Graphen",
    Physik Journal 15 (8/9), 55 (2016)

  • J. C. Koenig-Otto, M. Mittendorff, T. Winzer, E. Malic, A. Knorr, C. Berger, W. A. de Heer, A. Pashkin, H. Schneider, M. Helm, and S. Winnerl,
    "Slow non-collinear Coulomb scattering in the vicinity of the Dirac point in graphene",
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 087401 (2016)

  • Manuel Kraft, Sven M. Hein, Judith Lehnert, Eckehard Schöll, Stephen Hughes, and Andreas Knorr ,
    " Time-delayed quantum coherent Pyragas feedback control of photon squeezing in a degenerate parametric oscillator ",
    Phys. Rev. A 94, 023806 (2016)

  • Christian Strelow, T. Sverre Theuerholz, Christian Schmidtke, Marten Richter, Jan-Philip Merkl, Hauke Kloust,  Ziliang Ye, Horst Weller, Tony F. Heinz, Andreas Knorr, and Holger Lange
    "Metal–Semiconductor Nanoparticle Hybrids Formed by Self-Organization: A Platform to Address Exciton–Plasmon Coupling"
    Nano Lett.  16 (8), 4811-4818 (2016)

  • Sven M. Hein, Camille Aron, and Hakan E. Türeci
    "Purification and switching protocols for dissipatively stabilized entangled qubit states"
    Phys. Rev. A 93, 062331 (2016)

  • Thomas Hartsfield, Michael Gegg, Ping-Hsiang Su, Matthew R. Buck, Jennifer A. Hollingsworth, Chih-Kang Shih, Marten Richter, Han Htoon, and Xiaoqin Li
    "Semiconductor Quantum Dot Lifetime Near an Atomically Smooth Ag Film Exhibits a Narrow Distribution"
    ACS Photonics,  3 (6), 1085–1089 (2016)

  • N. Naumann, L. Droenner, W.W. Chow, A. Carmele, J. Kabuss,
    "Solid state based analog of optomechanics",
    J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 33 (7), 1492-1501 (2016)
  • R. Schmidt, G. Berghaeuser, R. Schneider, M. Selig, P. Tonndorf. E. Malic, A. Knorr, S. Michaelis de Vasconcellos, and R. Bratschitsch,
    "Ultrafast Coulomb-induced intervalley coupling in atomically thin WS2",
    Nano Lett. 16 (5),  2945–2950 (2016)

  • M. T. Mihnev, F. Kadi, C. J. Divin, T. Winzer, S. Lee, C. Liu, Z. Zhong, C. Berger, W. A. de Heer, E. Malic, A. Knorr, and T. B. Norris�,
    "Microscopic Origins of the Terahertz Carrier Relaxation and Cooling Dynamics in Graphene"
    Nature Commun. 7, 11617 (2016)

  • Michael Gegg and Marten Richter
    "Efficient and exact numerical approach for many multi-level systems in open system CQED"
    New J. Phys. 18,  043037 (2016)

  • Judith F. Specht, Marten Richter
    "Reconstruction of exciton wave functions of coupled quantum emitters including spin with ultrafast spectroscopy using localized nanooptical fields",
    Appl. Phys. B 122, 97 (2016)
  • A. Thoma, P. Schnauber, M. Gschrey, M. Seifried, J. Wolters, J.-H. Schulze, A. Strittmatter, S. Rodt, A. Carmele, A. Knorr, T. Heindel, and S. Reitzenstein
    Exploring Dephasing of a Solid-State Quantum Emitter via Time- and Temperature-Dependent Hong-Ou-Mandel Experiments"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 033601 (2016)

  • J. Kabuss, F. Katsch, A. Knorr, and A. Carmele
    "Unraveling coherent quantum feedback for Pyragas control"
    J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 33, C10-C16 (2016)

  • Florian Wendler and Ermin Malic
    "Doping-dependent intraband carrier dynamics in Landau-quantized graphene",
    Phys. Rev. B 93, 035432 (2016)

  • Anke Zimmermann, Sandra Kuhn, and Marten Richter
    "Poisson Green's function method for increased computational efficiency in numerical calculations of Coulomb coupling elements"
    Phys. Rev. B 93, 035308 (2016)

  • Akshay Singh, Galan Moody, Kha Tran, Marie E. Scott, Vincent Overbeck, Gunnar Berghäuser, John Schaibley, Edward J. Seifert, Dennis Pleskot, Nathaniel M. Gabor, Jiaqiang Yan,  David G. Mandrus, Marten Richter, Ermin Malic, Xiaodong Xu, and Xiaoqin Li
    "Trion formation dynamics in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides"
    Phys. Rev. B 93, 041401(R) (2016)

  • Ermin Malic, Torben Winzer, Faris Kadi, and Andreas Knorr,
    "Microscopic view on ultrafast carrier dynamics in graphene",
    book chapter in "Optical Properties of Graphene", ed. by Rolf Binder, World Scientific (2016)

  • Judith F. Specht, Eike Verdenhalven, T. Sverre Theuerholz, Andreas Knorr and Marten Richter,
    "Theory of coupled hybrid inorganic/organic systems: Excitation transfer at semiconductor/molecule interfaces",
    Proc. SPIE 9746, Ultrafast Phenomena and Nanophotonics XX, 97460F (2016)

  • Anke Zimmermann, Sandra Kuhn and Marten Richter
    "Efficient numerical method for calculating Coulomb coupling elements and its application to two-dimensional spectroscopy",
    Proc. SPIE 9746, Ultrafast Phenomena and Nanophotonics XX, 97461D (2016)

  • Sandra C. Kuhn and Marten Richter
    "Excitonic effects in quantum dot intraband spectroscopy indicating the formation of bound continuum excitons",
    Proc. SPIE 9746, Ultrafast Phenomena and Nanophotonics XX, 97460A (2016)


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