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Project Area A - Hard Matter: Nonlinear transport and quantum optics in semiconductors

This part of the research program deals with the nonlinear collective
interaction of typical solid state entities such as electrons, holes, excitons,
phonons and photons in semiconductors under strong nonequilibrium conditions and
dissipation. In the center of interest are semiconductor nanostructures where
traditional hard-matter concepts like translational invariance can no longer be
applied and where models from mesoscopics often appear to be more appropriate.
The nonlinear dynamic response of the interacting many-electron system in
quantum dot transport channels and light emitters is induced via non-stationary
optical or electrical pumping. A distinguishing feature of our analysis is the
ubiquitous presence of dissipation, often in the form of electron-phonon
interaction. It is of particular interest to study the transition
between the dissipative (diffusive) and ballistic limit, or between near
equilibrium and far from equilibrium conditions. Another important focus is on
statistical properties like quantum correlations and quantum noise, which
are manifested both in semiconductor optics and transport.

In specific, the projects of area A are as follows:

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