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Project B2: Collective dynamics in colloidal model systems.

We plan to further explore the potential of HI to induce novel motional patterns
in different settings. For example, we will add a long-range repulsive potential
between the circling particles just mentioned and investigate how their nonlinear
dynamics is changed. We will also look at particles in a line, oscillating around
their mean positions, to see if HI synchronize the particles' oscillations. This can
have direct biological relevance for the so-called metachronal waves in arrays of
beating cilia.
A very challenging idea which also expresses a  vision of this project is to set up
a minimal colloidal model system driven by external fields that may exhibit chaotic
behavior as, e.g., in the famous Lorenz system. A system we will explore in this
respect are two magnetic beads that are linked by a spring and that are actuated
from outside by a magnetic field.
The HI will be treated with the help of self- and cross-mobilities that depend on the
particles' coordinates and that relate all the forces acting on the particles to their
velocities. We will solve these equations of motions numerically to obtain a first
insight into the dynamics of the system and then try to extract non-linear dynamic
equations that can be handled analytically with the help of bifurcation analysis.
Furthermore, we will perform Brownian dynamics simulations to investigate how
thermal noise influences our findings.

Project leaders: Prof. Dr.  H. StarkProf.Dr.  A. Mikhailov

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