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Project Area C - Biological Systems: Self-organization and nonlinear waves in active media.

We study collective dynamics and self-organization in active biological systems.
Our focus is (i) on collective motion of bacteria during biofilm formation and (ii)
on nonlinear waves in excitable media such as the brain and the heart.  All the
three biosystems selected pose challenges for modellers and dynamical system
analysts. A common theme of our studies is the use of macroscale continuum
equations describing the evolution of bacterial density in the early stages of biofilm
formation and the spreading of waves in excitable media.  Moreover, modeling of
these systems typically involves considerations of largely different spatial scales.
All modeling projects build on experimental facts and aim towards a quantitative
understanding of the physics involved in complex biosystems. Similar to sections
A and B, we focus on aspects of nonequilibrium behavior such as pattern formation,
active motion, and collective dynamics.

The research projects are in detail:



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