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Project A.1: Dynamics of complex laser structures under optical injection and feedback

Based upon our previous work on class B laser dynamics with optical injection and feedback, we will investigate complex multisection laser structures. The basis of our description are Lang-Kobayashi-type models, which are extended to include the specific dynamical properties of our laser systems, e.g., quantum dot gain or saturable absorber sections. Besides the numerical characterization using computer simulations of the nonlinear equations and continuation tools of bifurcation analysis, we will develop analytical approximations for the stability boundaries of the structures. An important analytical method is the reductive perturbation approach which has already been used for solitary lasers and lasers with optical feedback, since this gives deeper insight into the physical processes and allows for model reductions.
If the laser is combined with a saturable absorber and additional optical feedback, passive mode locking leads to short pulse emission in a certain parameter regime. The boundaries of this resonance region will be investigated numerically and analytically, in particular in the limit of large external feedback times.
Furthermore, we will investigate the effect of noise upon the dynamics of complex laser structures under optical injection and feedback. In particular the phenomenon of coherence resonance in the excitable dynamical regime near the edges of the injection-induced resonance tongues will be in the focus. Here interesting noveleffects can be expected through the interaction of nonlinearity, noise, and delay.

Project leaders: Prof. Dr. E. Schöll, Prof. Dr. A. Knorr

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