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Project B.1: Dynamical behavior and self-assembly of suspensions of exotic magnetic particles

This project aims at understanding the behavior of suspensions of exotic magnetic particles such as particles with magnetic caps or “functionalized” magnetic particles under time-dependent magnetic fields. Our main motivations are i) to explore differences to the behavior of conventional ferrofluids consisting of spheres with central dipoles, and ii) to unravel novel dynamical phenomena such as synchronization behavior. To this end we will employ a combination of particle-based computer simulations and theoretical approaches, such as (static and dynamic) density functional theory and effective non-linear equations of motion. As a first step we need to develop and advance appropriate models of such exotic particles, e.g. by describing them as spheres with non-central dipoles or dumbbell-like particles. To test these models, we will also consider possible ground-state structures and perform simulations targeting the equilibrium behavior at some selected thermodynamic state points. Based on these preliminary investigations, we will then explore the non-equilibrium collective behavior in rotating and/or oscillating fields. Apart from just “observing” structures in the simulations, we also aim to analyze them via statistical tools such as suitable order parameters and distribution functions. From a conceptual point of view, one challenge will be not to investigate specific models in all detail, but rather to extract relevant model ingredients yielding a specific non-equilibrium effect (such as synchronization). Technically, the most challenging aspect will be to take into account solvent-mediated (hydrodynamic) interactions in these systems of interacting dipoles. So far, the combination of dipolar and hydrodynamic interactions has only been considered in finite systems.

Project leaders: Prof. Dr.  S. Klapp, Prof. Dr.  H. Stark

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