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Project Area C - Biological Systems: Self-organization and nonlinear waves in active media.

Research in project area C is focused on cell motility and pattern formation in active biological media. In particular, we concentrate on (i) bacterial motility under the influence of chemotactic as well as contact-dependent chemical signaling and (ii) motility and pattern formation in systems, where reaction-diffusion dynamics is coupled to mechanical stresses and advection. All projects consider processes at the cellular level. Model descriptions include both Langevin-type models for active motion and continuum descriptions and aim at a quantitative understanding. While the experimental project C.1 and the theoretical project C.2 are tightly linked together, also the other theoretical projects (C.3 – C.5) are closely related to experimental observations and build on well-established collaborations with experimental groups.

In detail, the projects of area C are:



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