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Dynamics of Self-Organized and Self-Assembled Structure

Lecture course in Winter Semester 2010/11, 3 credit points (ECTS).

Prof. Dr. Raymond Kapral,
University of Toronto

Frist lecture: Monday, Oktober 25, 16h, ER 164

Day, time and place
Monday, 16 -18 h, ER 164
Thursday, 14 -16 h, ER 164

Oktober 25 and 28
Novermber 8 and 11
November 15 and 18

Access to lecture pdfs is found here.

"Similar looking patterns occur in widely different systems under a variety of
conditions. For example, in phase-segregating mixtures where domains of two
phases form and coarsen in time, or the liquid crystal phases which arise from
the organization of rod-like molecules.
The self-assembly of molecular groups into complex structures is the basis for
many of the developments in nanomaterial technology. In far-from-equilibrium
conditions new structures with distinctive properties are seen. Since systems driven
out of equilibrium by flows of matter or energy are commonly encountered in nature,
the study of these systems takes on added importance. Many biological systems
fall into this far-from-equilibrium category.

This course will discuss how such pattern formation processes occur in nonlinear
dissipative systems and how they can be modeled on mesoscopic sales."

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