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Theory of Nanostructures

Dr. Clive Emary

Wahllehrveranstaltung 3233 L 440 für Studierende des Diplomstudienganges, Bachelorstudienganges oder Promotionsstudiums: Physik

ECTS Points: 6 (VL + UB)

Inhalte der Vorlesung

Electrons in low dimensions, Conductance quantisation, Scattering theory of electronic transport, Two-dimensional electron gas, Quantum Hall effect, Transport through Quantum dots, Shotnoise and counting statistics, Disorder effects, Quantum computation with quantum dots

VL: Mi 12:15-14:00 im EW 202 (PN 202) (ab 15.10)
UB: Do 10:15-12:00 im EW 016 (PN 016) (ab 23.10)

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  • Mindestens 50% der aller Übungspunkte (Abgabe in 2er Gruppen)
  • Regelmäßige aktive Teilnahme an den Tutorien
  • Bestandene Klausur

Skript/Lecture notes

Lecture notes available in moodle.


  • Datta, Electronic Transport in Mesoscopic Systems (Cambridge).
  • Ferry and Goodnick, Transport in Nanostructures (Cambridge).
  • Bruus and Flensberg, Many-Body Quantum Theory in Condensed Matter Physics: An Introduction (Oxford).
  • Ziman, Principles of the theory of solids (Cambridge)
  • Blanter, and Büttiker, Shot Noise in Mesoscopic Conductors, Phys. Rep.  336, 1 (2000); cond-mat/9910158.

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