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Project A1: Semiconductor laser dynamics far above threshold - nonequilibrium kinetics and dissipation.

Our aim is to study the nonlinear dynamics of semiconductor injection
lasers under strong nonequilibrium and dissipation.  By pumping laser
diodes high above the first laser threshold using short electrical pulses,
an ultrafast, strongly nonlinear dynamic response is created. We consider
state-of-the-art nanostructures containing self-assembled quantum-dot
layers as active medium. Based upon a microscopic many-particle approach
including electron-light, electron-phonon and electron-electron interaction,
nonlinear dynamic equations for the electron populations and polarizations
and the electric field are analysed. Furthermore, the dynamics of dissipation
is considered by including heating processes beyond the bath approximation
for the phonon system. The potential instabilities of the continuous wave (cw)
output far above threshold are considered in dependence upon the pumping
conditions, the structural design, and the various microscopic dissipation and
scattering processes. In particular, bifurcations of self-sustained intensity
pulsations and more complex scenarios are studied and analysed using the
tools of nonlinear dynamics.

Project leaders: Prof. Dr. E. Schöll, Prof. Dr. A. Knorr

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