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Nonequilibrium dynamics of anisotropic fluids

Lecture course in Winter Semester 2010/11, 3 credit points (ECTS)

Prof. Dr. Siegfried Hess, TU Berlin

Period: February 16 to 18,  2011
Wed. Feb. 16,   14-16h,  room EW 731, TU Berlin
Thu.  Feb. 17,   10-12h,  room EW 731,
Thu.  Feb. 17,   14-16h,  room EW 733,
Fri.    Feb. 18,   10-12h,  room EW 731.

The basic physics and the theoretical treatment of transport processes and nonequilibrium
orientational phenomena are presented for nano-rod fluids and liquid crystals.
Equations governing the viscous flow, the flow-birefringence and the dynamics of
orientational order parameters, like the alignment tensor, are derived and discussed. The
equations are applied to systems where a steady driving force leads to a periodic or
chaotic response.


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