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Fokker-Planck Equation approach to the orientational dynamics in complex fluids


Lecture course in winter / summer  - semester 2012 



Prof. Dr. Siegfried Hess


March 12 - 14, 2012

Day, time, and place

The lectures take place in room EW 731, TU Berlin, at the following dates

Monday, March 12, 14-16 h

Tuesday, March 13,  10-12 h  and  14-16 h

Wednesday, March 14, 10-12 h.



The orientation of rod-like or disc-like particles in molecular fluids, polymeric liquids or liquid cristals

is described by an orientational distribution function, whose time dependence is governed by a

generalised Fokker-Planck equation.  The basic physics underlying the dynamics is discussed.

Special attention is paid to relaxation and to the coupling of orientation with the flow processes.

The most relevant moment of the orientational distribution is the second rank alignment tensor,

often referred to as Q-tensor. An equation for the time-change of the alignment tensor is derived

from the Fokker-Planck equation. In this way, directly measurable relaxation-time and transport

coefficients are related to coefficients quantifying the torques acting on the non-spherical particles.

Finally some applications are presented.



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