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Statistische Physik im Gleichgewicht


Wahlpflichtveranstaltung oder Pflichtveranstaltung für Studierende im Diplom- und Masterstudiengang, sowie Studierende anderer naturwissenschaftlicher Studiengänge. 

Der Besuch dieser Lehrveranstaltung (inkl. Übung) innerhalb des Wahlpflichtmoduls (StuPo 2018) Statistische Physik im Gleichgewicht entspricht 10 ECTS-Punkten.


Find the course webpage on the ISIS system.

The language of instruction is English.




Tentative course syllabus

  • Review of basic concepts of thermodynamics and statistical physics.
  • Phases and phase diagrams. Phase transitions, examples. Critical phenomena and their description (critical exponents etc.).
  • Simple lattice models (Heisenberg, XY, Ising, Potts, Spherical). Transfer-matrix method.
  • Mean-field theory. Calculation of critical exponents for simple models. Infinite-range model. Variational method.
  • Landau theory. Correlation function and limit of applicability (Ginzburg criterion).
  • Monte-Carlo simulations (review of probability distributions, central limit theorem, Markov chains).
  • Simple sampling Monte Carlo. Importance sampling Monte Carlo. Simple examples (random walks, self-avoiding walks, percolation clusters). Error analysis. 
  • Metropolis method applied to thermal phase transitions. Case study – 2d Ising model. Finite-size analysis of critical behavior.
  • Renormalization group theory, general procedure. Coarse-graining and scale transformations. Parameter space and RG equations. Fixed points and flow diagrams. Universality.
  • Scaling laws for free energy and correlation functions within RG theory. Calculation of critical exponents. Case study – 1d Ising model.
  • Scaling dimension and scaling law. Scaling and anomalous dimensions. Finite-size scaling. Crossover phenomena. • Real-space RG. Case study – 2d Ising model (Block-spin transformation, first-order cumulant expansion and calculation of critical exponents).
  • Momentum-space RG for Landau-Ginzburg-Wilson Hamiltonian. Wilson - expansion near the dimension . Calculation of critical exponents to the firstorder -expansion


Die Vorlesung wird durch Übungen ergänzt, bei denen es sich um Programmieraufgaben handelt. Sie sind nötig für den Scheinerwerb.

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