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Java visualisations for the mathematical methods

Vector fields

Visualisation of various fields

The Java applet shows different vector fields and their corresponding potential, where applicable. One can also visualise own fields defined by arbitrary functions.

Many physical processes can be described within the appropriate vector field, as for example the movement of a charged particle in a conservative electromagnetic field or non-conservative rotational field.

Mathematica visualisations


With this Player-Notebook you can observe fundamental orthogonal functions and the Integral of their product.

These functions often are the basis for the quantum-mechanical description as well as, for example, the harmonic oscillator or the hydrogen atom.

Download the .nbp file and execute with Wolfram CDF Player or Mathematica. (see note below)


Step-, jig-saw and other functions can be approximated through varying the number of Fourier coefficients.

  • Just like above, but with an additional triangle function and explanation of the Fourier terms on the Wolfram website

  • Here one can vary the coefficients and frequencies and examine the approximating graph.

The gradient of an arbitary point of a function f(x,y) is calculated and shown in this visualisation. A series of implemented functions can be chosen.


Note: Open the demonstrations with the free Mathematica CDF Player (Win,Mac,Linux) or Wolfram Mathematica (version 6 or higher).

The source code (*.nb file) is also available and can be opened with Wolfram Mathematica.


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