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SNIPER model

The SNIPER model acts as an example of a neuron of excitability type I. See also: Dynamical Systems in Neuroscience.

The dynamics of the model are governed by:



Within the applet the equations might be extended by a Gaussian noise term which is proportional to the noise parameter D. By changing x(0) and y(0) you might set the initial x and y value of the simulation while changing the bifurcation parameter b gives rise to a bifurcation at the critical value of b=1. The integration time step dt as well as the integration time t of the fourth-order Runge-Kutta integration method might be set as well within the applet.
The applet can be downloaded from this site. It can be started the command "java -jar sniperrun.jar".

As an example, the bifurcation can be observed for the following settings:

     [x(0): initial x] = [y(0): initial y] = 2

     [b: bifurcation parameter] = 0.99 or = 1.01

     [D: noise paramter] = 0

     [dt: integration time step] = 0.1

     [t: integration time] = 100

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