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How to use this applet (a detailed description is available in German, see the links at the end of this page)


  1. The topmost frame plots the probability density of both levels. Their sum is aways equal to one.

  2. The second frame displays real and imaginary part of the probability amplitude for a transition from level |1> to level |2>. The real part is nonzero for a detuned stimulation


  4. The last plotter displays the pulse that excites the two level system. At runtime, the pulse is slowly overwritten to indicate the current level of the electric field.


  6. If there is no detuning, the fast frequency of the pulse fits exactly to the energy gap of the level.

  7. The attenuation knob modifies the (phenomenological) environment of the two level system (dissipation, perturbation). T2 is the rate of dephasing (attenuation of #961;12). Including T1 results in a supplementary attenuation of ρ11 and ρ22. The two sliders control the temperature and the number of phonons that couple to the system.

  8. To save your simulation results, click 'show data'. The data is tab-seperated.




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