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Java visualisations for statistical physics

Carnot-cycle proccess


This applet displays an animation of the Carnot-cycle with the classical graphs and a "particle-box".


Information of various distributions


This applet displays the information content of various discrete- and continuous distributions. The discrete distributions are configurable.



Cumulants corresponds to characteristic variables of distributions. For example the average, the dispersion and the skewness.

In this applet it is possible to visualise up to the fourth cumulant of a distribution.

Mathematica visualisations for statistical physics


This Mathematica notebook plots the isothermals of the Van-der-Waals gas. The coexistence pressure can be determined graphically with the Maxwell-construction.  


In this Mathematica Notebook, Fermi-Dirac, Bose-Einstein and Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics can be manipulated.


Plots several orders of an expansion of the Virial theorem derived from the real gas law compared to the Van-der-Waals Equation.


Note: Open the demonstrations with the free Mathematica CDF Player (Win,Mac,Linux) or Wolfram Mathematica (version 6 or higher).

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