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Java visualisations for statistical physics

Carnot-cycle proccess

Lupe [1]

This applet displays an animation of the Carnot-cycle with the classical graphs and a "particle-box".


Information of various distributions

Lupe [2]

This applet displays the information content of various discrete- and continuous distributions. The discrete distributions are configurable.


Lupe [3]

Cumulants corresponds to characteristic variables of distributions. For example the average, the dispersion and the skewness.

In this applet it is possible to visualise up to the fourth cumulant of a distribution.

Mathematica visualisations for statistical physics

Van-der-Waals gas [4]

Lupe [5]

This Mathematica notebook plots the isothermals of the Van-der-Waals gas. The coexistence pressure can be determined graphically with the Maxwell-construction.  

Quantum mechanical gas [6]

Lupe [7]

In this Mathematica Notebook, Fermi-Dirac, Bose-Einstein and Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics can be manipulated.

Virial theorem [8]

Lupe [9]

Plots several orders of an expansion of the Virial theorem derived from the real gas law compared to the Van-der-Waals Equation.

Lupe [10]

Note: Open the demonstrations with the free Mathematica CDF Player (Win,Mac,Linux) or Wolfram Mathematica (version 6 or higher).

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