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Teaching in Theoretical Physics

The annual syllabus is:

Compulsory module:

Winter semester

  • Theoretical physics I - Mechanics (bachelor)
  • Theoretical physics III - Electrodynamics and optics (bachelor)
  • Theoretical physics V - Quantum physics (master)

Summer semester

  • Mathematical methods (bachelor)
  • Theoretical physics II - Quantum physics (bachelor)
  • Theoretical physics IV - Thermodynamics and statistical physics (bachelor)

Free selection module:

Winter semester

  • General relativity I (master)
  • Statistical physics II (master)
  • Biological physics (master)
  • Theoretical physics VI - Advanced optional subjects (master)

Summer semester

  • Solid state theory I+II (master)
  • General relativity II (master)
  • Statistical physics I (master)
  • Theoretical physics VI - Advanced optional subjects (master)



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