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NECD15 – International Conference of GRK 1558


Nonequilibrium Collective Dynamics:
Bridging the Gap between Hard and Soft Materials

An international conference of the research training group GRK1558


October 5 - 8, 2015

Potsdam, Germany


Collective dynamics under nonequilibrium conditions is ubiquitous in natural processes and technology, and of great current interest in experimental research as well as theoretical modeling. Different approaches to study nonequilibrium collective dynamics have been developed in different disciplines, in particular in hard and soft condensed matter and biological physics. The conference NECD15 aims at bringing together specialists in these fields and to stimulate an intensive exchange of methods and ideas among them.

We have invited internationally recognized scientists which will report on their recent research on nonequilibrium collective dynamics or provide a more general view on the subject. The conference also invites contributions related to its topics mainly presented during a poster session. We will also select some of them as contributed talks.

NECD15 is organized by the research training group GRK1558, which studies nonequilibrium collective dynamics in hard and soft condensed matter as well as in biological systems. Our research concentrates on

  • nonlinear transport and quantum optics in semiconductors,
  • collective dynamics in dispersions of colloidal particles and molecular machines,
  • self-organization and nonlinear waves in active media.

More information on the research training group GRK 1558 can be found under www.itp.tu-berlin.de/grk1558.

Conference Booklet



Confirmed Invited Speakers

Eberhard Bodenschatz
Michael Brenner
Hugues Chaté
Knut Drescher
Suzanne Fielding
Seth Fraden
Ramin Golestanian
Stephan Grill
Jürgen Horbach
Raymond Kapral
Jonathan Keeling
Peter Keim
Karsten Kruse
Herbert Levine
Alexander Mikhailov
Henri Orland
Jérémie Palacci
Philippe Peyla
Masaki Sano
Petra Schwille
Pascal Silberzan
Thomas Speck
Martijn Wubs

Scientific and Organization Committee

Holger Stark [chairman]

Sabine Klapp [co-chairwoman]

Carsten Beta

Markus Bär

Andreas Knorr

Julia Eckert

Jan-Timm Kuhr

Rodrigo Lugo-Fras

Oliver Pohl

Kilian Kuhla

Zusatzinformationen / Extras