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Reservoir computing with time-multiplexed networks


  • Modeling of coupled laser and oscillator networks
  • Hybdrid systems with delay and coupling
  • Simulation of driven dynamical systems
  • Evaluation with reservoir computing benchmark tasks:
    • Santa Fe chaotic time series prediction
    • NARMA10
    • Memory capacity

Quantum-dot lasers


  • Modeling of semiconductor quantum dot lasers
  • Control with optical feedback and injection
  • Two-state lasing
  • Asymptotic analysis of complex laser equations

Integrated structures


  • Mode-locked lasers

    • timing jitter reduction
    • control with optical feedback

  • Nano-laser
  • Micropillar-laser with optical perturbations


Feodor-Lynen Fellowship for Experienced Researchers

Collaborative Research Center CRC910

Collaborative Research Center CRC787

Associate Principal Investigator im RTG 1558 mit dem Teilprojekt


DAAD Projekt "Nonlinear Photonics in Nanostructured Semiconductor Lasers"

  • im Förderprogramm "Projektbezogener Personenaustausch mit Frankreich


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