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Bachelor- and Master Theses

Lupe [1]

We deal with the nonlinear dynamics and self-organized pattern formation in complex nonlinear systems and networks which appear in many fields of physics, chemistry and biology. Our main focus lies on the influence and control of complex spatio-temporal  patterns and the investigation of stochastic effects (noise). Modern theoretical and numerical methods  as well as concepts from nonlinear dynamics and computer simulations are used. These projects are embedded in the following  large collaborative research projects: SFB 910 "Control of self-organizing nonlinear systems: Theoretical methods and concepts of application" [2], and Research Training Group 1558 "Nonequilibrium Collective Dynamics in Condensed Matter and Biological Systems" [3]. Many of the projects are run in collaboration with international groups (USA, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, France, Italy, Australia, Singapore etc.) as well as in cooperation with experimental colleages.

Lupe [4]

Theme Issue of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society London "Dynamics, control and information in delay-coupled systems" (vol. 371, September 2013) [5]


Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE) [6]

Study abroad [7]

At present we are looking for Bachelor and Master students interested in the following topics:


  • Chimera states in complex networks [8]
  • Nonlinear dynamics and control of networks with time delayed coupling [9]
  • Control of noise induced processes in nonlinear systems [10]
  • Control of space-time patterns in neuronal systems [11]

Depending on one's inclination and background the focus may be set in the field of modelling/computer simulation/nonlinear dynamics.

The seminar that takes place every Tuesday in room EW 731 [12] is highly recommended for information and preparation .

Theses may be started at any time. 

Further details: 

  • Prof. Dr. Eckehard Schöll, PhD
  • Dr. Anna Zakharova
  • Dr. Iryna Omelchenko [14]
  • Jakub Sawicki [15]
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