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Selected publications on

Locally coupled reaction-diffusion systems of activator-inhibitor type

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Y. N. Kyrychko, K. B. Blyuss, S. J. Hogan, E. Schöll:
Control of spatio-temporal patterns in the Gray-Scott model
Chaos 19, 043126 (2009)
M. A. Dahlem, R. Graf, A. J. Strong, J. P. Dreier, Y. A. Dahlem, M. Sieber, W. Hanke, K. Podoll, E. Schöll:
Two--dimensional wave patterns of spreading depolarization: retracting, re--entrant, and stationary waves
Physica D 239, 889 (2010)
F. M. Schneider, E. Schöll, M. A. Dahlem:
Controlling the onset of traveling pulses in excitable media by nonlocal spatial coupling and time delayed feedback
Chaos 19, 015110 (2009)
M. A. Dahlem, F. M. Schneider, E. Schöll:
Failure of feedback as a putative common mechanism of spreading depolarizations in migraine and stroke
Chaos 18, 026110 (2008)
M. A. Dahlem, F. M. Schneider, E. Schöll:
Efficient control of transient wave forms to prevent spreading depolarizations
J. Theo. Biol. 251, 202 (2008)
A. G. Balanov, V. Beato, N. B. Janson, H. Engel, E. Schöll:
Delayed feedback control of noise-induced patterns in excitable media
Phys. Rev. E 74, 016214 (2006)
J. Schlesner, V. Zykov, H. Engel, E. Schöll:
Stabilization of unstable rigid rotation of spiral waves in excitable media
Phys. Rev. E 74, 046215 (2006)
W. Just, M. Bose, S. Bose, H. Engel, E. Schöll:
Spatio-temporal dynamics near a supercritical Turing-Hopf bifurcation in a two-dimensional reaction-diffusion system
Phys. Rev. E 64, 026219 (2001)
M. Meixner, S. M. Zoldi, S. Bose, E. Schöll:
Karhunen-Lo\`eve local characterization of spatio-temporal chaos in a reaction-diffusion system
Phys. Rev. E 61, 1382 (2000)
M. Meixner, A. De Wit, S. Bose, E. Schöll:
Generic spatio-temporal dynamics near Turing-Hopf codimension-two bifurcations
Phys. Rev. E 55, 6690 (1997)
M. Meixner, S. Bose, E. Schöll:
Analysis of chaotic patterns near a codimension-2 Turing-Hopf point in a reaction-diffusion model
Physica D 109, 128 (1997)
E. Schöll:
Spatio-temporal Pattern Formation in Semiconductors
in Selforganization in Activator-Inhibitor-Systems, edited by H. Engel, F. -J. Niedernostheide, H. G. Purwins, E. Schöll (Wissenschaft \& Technik Verlag, Berlin, 1996)
A. Wacker, S. Bose, E. Schöll:
Transient spatio-temporal chaos in a reaction-diffusion model
Europhys. Lett. 31, 257 (1995)

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